11 Types of Fishing (Each one Explained)

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types of fishing

Even if you don’t know that much about fishing, you will definitely know that there are a huge amount of different types of fishing that can be enjoyed, all with their own unique aspects and interesting methods.

If you have ever wondered about these different kinds of fishing and thought about learning a bit more about them, then this might just be the article for you.

Within this article, we will go over 11 types of fishing and give you an explanation as to what you can expect from each different type, so if this is of interest to you then read on and enjoy!

1. Angling

Angling is the act of catching fish with a rod, line and hook. It’s one of the oldest methods for fishing and dates back over 2000 years.

The most common types of angling are fishing from shore, pier or boat.

There are also several different types of fishing rods that can be used to catch many different kinds of fish.
Some fishermen use baited hooks and lures to attract their prey while others prefer to use live bait such as worms or minnows.

The type of bait you choose depends on what kind of fish you’re trying to catch.

In addition, there are a number of different techniques that can be employed depending on what species you’re targeting.

2. Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing on Lake Erie

Ice fishing is a type of fishing that takes place on ice and snow. It usually occurs in cold weather during the winter months, when lakes freeze over or waterways become frozen enough to support human weight.

This kind of fishing can be done by anyone who owns an auger and a hole saw (which are used to cut holes in the ice).

It also requires some specialized equipment such as insulated waders for those who plan on standing on the surface of the ice, boots with spikes for traction, a large bucket to store fish caught while walking out onto the lake’s surface, or even an inflatable raft if you prefer not to walk at all.

Ice fishing is a lifeline for some communities for feeding their families through harsh winter months.

For some, it’s about sitting by yourself outside all day without any social interaction.

3. Noodling

Noodle fishing is a popular fishing technique that utilizes noodles to attract fish.

The story behind this unusual method of angling goes back centuries, and it’s said that noodle fishing is the origin of the Japanese dish “chazuke.”

Noodles are thought to resemble baitfish or other small creatures on the sea floor, so they can be used as an effective way to lure hungry fish closer to your boat.

This unique type of fishing originated in Japan but has been adopted by fishermen across Asia over time.

With a little bit of study and practice, you too can try your hand at noodle fishing!

4. Fly Fishing

fly fishing

Fly fishing is one of the most popular types of fishing. It originated in Europe and was first mentioned by Izaak Walton in 1653.

The word fly comes from “fly line.”

In order to be a good fly fisher, you need patience, knowledge about different flies, and skills on how to cast your rod.

Fly fishing is an outdoor activity, typically done in a freshwater setting, that often uses the fly rod to catch fish.

The angler uses a reel with flies attached which are cast out on long lines and then pulled back in quickly by the weight of the line and drag from the water.

Fly fishing can be enjoyed for its own sake as well as for catching fish.

5. Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is a sport that has been growing in popularity since the early 2000s.

It’s a great way to get closer to nature, because you’re pretty much on top of everything that goes on in an area while kayaking.

People who fish from kayaks often use either spinning or fly-fishing rods, and they mostly catch bass, trout, walleye, catfish or pike. Kayaking is also a really good workout!

If you’re looking for something new this summer or just want an excuse not to get your feet wet then kayak fishing might be right up your alley!

6. Spear Fishing

spear fishing

Spearfishing is the art of hunting underwater. It’s a sport that can be enjoyed by anyone who loves to swim and open.

It’s especially popular amongst younger fishing enthusiasts.

Spearfishing gear includes a speargun, fins, mask, snorkel and flippers. To get started, you’ll need to find an area with lots of larger fish and away from public areas where swimmers are.

Spearfishing may sound intimidating at first but it’s actually quite easy to learn how to do it right in order to enjoy this beautiful pastime.

7. Fresh Water Fishing

Freshwater fishing occurs when an angler catches fish from freshwater bodies such as lakes or rivers.

The best part about learning how to fish freshwater is that there are many different types of freshwater species available in the world.

Whether you’re looking for trout or bass, saltwater or riverside, catfish or panfish – there’s something out there for everyone!

There are also various types and styles of fishing from Fly fishing to even net fishing.

8. Salt Water Fishing

deep sea fishing

Saltwater fishing is a popular activity for those living in coastal areas. It can be done from the shore, or with boats and commercial fishing gear.

Saltwater fish are usually larger than freshwater varieties and include species like tuna, swordfish, grouper, and mackerel.

Saltwater fishing has existed since prehistoric times all around the world: there are records dating back at least 12000 years ago.

There’s nothing better than sitting back on a boat on the ocean when the suns out and fishing with friends whilst enjoying a few cold beers

9. Bank Fishing

Bank fishing is a type of recreational fishing that can take place on any body of water.

It typically takes place when the fisher sets up their equipment by the shore, bank, or dock and casts out into deeper waters to catch fish.

A typical bank fisherman will set up for either baitcasting or spinning rods with rod holders, a reel seat, and an assortment of terminal tackle such as hooks in various sizes and weights.

Bank fishing is a great way to spend your day on the water.

You can bring a chair and just relax while you fish or you can get out there and do some serious casting.

Bank fishing is an excellent way to get away from it all for a few hours and enjoy nature on the bank of your favorite river, lake, pond

10. Bow Fishing

bowfishing bows

Bow fishing is a form of fishing that has been around for quite some time but not many people know about.

It’s best used when you are trying to catch fish from shallow water, or in areas where it would be difficult to cast with a normal rod and reel.

The bow is held much like any other type of bow and arrow except the arrow has a line attached to it.

Bow fishing requires more skill than traditional rod and reel fishing because you have less control over what direction your shot will go.

The sport has grown in popularity over the years because of its simplicity: all you need to do is find an area with fish, set up your position, then shoot!

For those looking for a more hands-on approach to fishing without having to deal with bait give bowfishing a try.

Best Bows for bowfishing here.

11. Droplining

Droplining is an effective fishing technique that can be used in a variety of different situations.

It’s also one of the most common techniques for catching catfish, and it has been around since at least the early 1900s.

Droplining fishing is a technique that involves pulling live bait behind a boat. This technique was invented by fishermen on the Mississippi River and has been used for centuries to catch catfish, walleye, bluegill and other species of fish.

Droplining can be done from any type of boats such as kayaks or small motorboats.

The method uses nylon lines with hooks about every ten feet up to 200-feet long to create a “dropline” that trails behind the boat. Fish are hooked when they try to grab the bait trailing them on the line and get pulled into the boat.


As you can see fishing has many styles and techniques to choose from.

The simplest to get started is a rod and reel from the side of a riverbank.

Or jump on that boat and cast overboard.

If you’re a little more adventurous try spearfishing or bowfishing. Both styles of fishing have that element of danger and excitement.

Whichever style of fishing you pick, I’m sure you’ll have fun or relax and get away from the stress of your daily life.