Guide to the Best Kayak Fish Finder 2021

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How many times have you gone fishing and have caught a bunch of fishes as per your expectation? Most of the time, you end up spending half of your day locating the fishes and do not catch as many fishes as you had planned. 

That is why you need a helping hand that can cut your task to find the fishes and gets it done for you. To find a shoal, you need to equip yourself with the best kayak fish finder. Fishfinder on your Kayak can help you find the location of the fishes using sonar.   

Kayak Fishing

Now when it comes to using a fish finder for fishing, you need to consider a lot of factors before buying the right model from the right brand. Apart from the kayak anglers, fishing is also a common hobby that common men love to do. 

Hence there is a high demand for kayak fish finders as they play a crucial role in fishing. It has resulted in a lot of manufacturers and retailers to sell fishfinders with famous brands. All of them have almost similar features and prices, that is why it may be difficult for you to pick up the best. But do not worry as you have come to the right place. This article will help you find out the best kayak fish finder along with the features, their pros and cons, and other factors. 

Why is it necessary for you to get the right fish finder for your Kayak?

You may want to ignore spending extra money on buying a fish finder but we should let you know that the result will eventually cost you money. There are many features that a fish finder offers that will give you reasons to buy it in the first place.

The best portable fish finder lets you avoid all those annoying days when you cannot locate the school of fishes even if you have the best equipment, varieties of baits, and the perfect Kayak. You go through those days just because you have everything but a kayak fish finder. 

fishing with Rod

A fish finder is helpful because you can always trust technology over any random guesses to find the fish habitat. Many best kayak fish finders come with the GPS technology and help you locate the vessel as it moves on water.

You can even go fishing under different weather conditions like in rain, winter, snow, on fast-flowing lakes, on aggressive rivers, and even under ice fishing. Yes, there are a lot of best under-ice fishing fish finders too. 

You need to find the best kayak fish finder because they come with different features, you can choose the one based on your utility and expertise. There are advanced models and simpler models as well. It depends on you to pick the right one according to your suitability.

That is why you have come across this article. It will let you know which is the best kayak fish finder for you and what factors should you consider before buying one. 

Top 8 best kayak fish finders 

1. Garmin Striker 4- best GPS fish finder

Garmin Striker 4

According to various Garmin Striker 4 reviews, it is the best fish finder of the age with very salient features. This best Garmin Striker fish finder comes with CHIRP traditional transducer bundle with 3.5″ GPS, which makes it the best fish finder GPS combo

It is the best fish finder under your budget and offers quite a simple and intuitive interface and works well for your Kayak. GPS comes in rescue for marking hot spots and marking the dock you used to get in the water, so you do not lose track when you come back. The CHIRP and the color together make it a game-changing fish finder. It can also help you with ice fishing being the best ice-fishing fish finder. It offers an adapting display depending on the depth of the water. The flasher also goes very well even during the severe cold weather. All in all, it is perfect for the kayak professionals the beginners as well. If you are a beginner and want to try fishing without paying a fortune, this fish finder will work for you

Key Features
  • ClearVu Scanning Sonar: this high-frequency sonar gives you a detailed picture of fishes and structures
  • Keyed Interface with dedicated buttons
  • comes with 3.5, 5 and 7inch display
  • Maximum depth: 1600 feet freshwater and 750 feet saltwater
  • CHIRP sonarhelps to get crisper fish arches
  • Ideal for Ice fishing or vertical jigging
  • 480 by 320-pixel resolution
  • CHIRP sonar
  • Inbuilt high sensitivity GPS
  • 77/200 kHz capable transducer with a temperature sensor
  • Split Screen
  • Clear Display
  • Budget-friendly
  • Up to 5,000 stored waypoints
  • Limited networking options
  • No current coordinates
  • No unit cover

2. Lowrance HOOK Reveal- 5″/7″/9″ fishfinder- best Lowrance fish finder

Lowrance HOOK Reveal

This Lowrance fish finder is easy to use for beginners as well as the experts. It is a great product that offers a user-friendly interface at a reasonable price. It is the perfect catch for kayak anglers. 

This fish finder comes with all the features that you need for an ideal fish finding. From a DownScan sonar, Autotuning sonar, to CHIRP sonar views and highly detailed pre-loaded maps of 4000 lakes, this fish finder has all of it. It is one of the best fish finders with plans. It gives you twice the sonar coverage to those of the similar fish finders. 

The sonar also has auto-tuned that does not let you waste time in fidgeting. The fish finder comes with the GPS through which you can also follow trails and can add waypoints. You can also upgrade the maps with the use of SD cards. The device comes in 5, 7, and 9-inch displays, and you can choose what suits you best.

Key Features
  • 5″, 7″, and 9″ display
  • IPX7 waterproof protection
  • Max Power Consumption:<6.1W
  • Sonar Beam Width:40°
  • Usable Depth:80m+ Sonar
  • GPS in-built
  • Budget-friendly
  • User-friendly interface
  • Pre-loaded maps
  • Vibrant screen
  • No updates via a wireless connection

3. Garmin Striker 4cv

Garmin Striker 4cv

This noteworthy, compact fishfinder highlights a 3.5-inch shading screen with high-affectability GPS and CHIRP ClearVu scanning sonar. You get the Garmin transducer, CHIRP 77/200kHz, and CHIRP ClearVu conveying 455/800kHz, with 500 watts of intensity. 

It makes discovering fish very simple since you can mark shoal and come back to them, similarly as you can mark boat slopes and docks for easy navigation on the return trip. The unit additionally contains an implicit flasher, alongside speed display. The tilt-and-turn mount is perfect for mounting on the scramble of your Kayak.

The ClearVu innovation is excellent on account of the additional clearness. While moving over stumps and greenery, the view isn’t merely a blog of red shades or ill-defined knocks on the screen. The picture is of a conspicuous object, which settles on your fishing choices progressively productive. It is small and portable and is ideal for your Kayak.  

Key Features
  • 2D CHIRP and ClearVu sonar
  • CV20-TM Transducer
  • Traditional:50/77/200 kHz CHIRP (mid and high) ClearVü: 260/455/800 kHz frequency
  • Internal GPS
  • 5000 Waypoints
  • Waterproof
  • Numerous 2D sonar functions
  • High-sensitivity GPS
  • Strong LED backlight
  • Compact & affordable
  • 2D and ClearVü sonars with the CHIRP technology
  • NO microSD or NMEA connectivity
  • No built-in maps

4. Humminbird HELIX 5 SI/GPS Combo – Best Humminbird Fish Finder

Humminbird HELIX 5 SI GPS Combo

Humminbird propelled another series of fish finders by the name of Helix 5. This gadget has a splendid and bigger 5-inch screen with a 480 x 800 resolution display having 256-hues with a backdrop illumination highlight, which permits the owner to see a nitty-gritty and clear picture regardless of what sort of lighting there is or whether it is day or night.  

The new screen display is the main thing that has been changed, and the product and the transducers have been taken from its prior models of 800 and 600 series. Similar enormous digits which give the finding out about depth, kayak speed, and water temperature took up a lot of display.

There is a wide range of forms included for the Helix 5 series, with some having just the sonar, while some are having side-imagers with GPS.

The Helix series offers its clients with sensibly estimated, best portable fish finders with all the highlights of costly fish finder models with a value which is the same as a more seasoned model. 

The Humminbird Helix 5 SI is a perfect calculating apparatus for a beginner just as for a prepared kayak angler. Its expense does not include much money and fits impeccably for both.  

Genuinely, Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS is an extremely 7-inch 899 models’ downsized version, the main distinction between both is the presentation size. Notwithstanding, the inward GPS of Humminbird Helix 5 SI has been improved and gives out the ideal area of fish when contrasted with more seasoned models. Its features make it the best Humminbird fishfinder.

Key Features
  • 5 inch LCD Screen
  • 4000-watt Dual-beam plus sonar
  • Built-in GPS
  • Transducer
  • CHIRP technology
  • Split Screen Zoom
  • Selective Fish ID+
  • Real-time Sonar
  • Card Reader
  • 2500 Feet depth.
  • Quite expensive

5. Humminbird Helix 7

Humminbird Helix 7

The Hummingbird Helix guarantees unrivaled clarity up to a depth of 200 feet beneath your boat. The organization asserts that it will show unmistakably characterized targets and give you a whole perspective on the base.  

The HELIX 7 CHIRP MEGA SI GPS G3 fishfinder features MEGA facet Imaging, MEGA Down Imaging, Dual Spectrum CHIRP Sonar, AutoChart Live, GPS and Humminbird Basemap integrated. The 7″, the extremely-wide display offers you sufficient 

room to view the many pre-loaded split display view alternatives. See the arena under like never before with crystal-clear viewing out to 125 ft on both aspects of your Kayak. 

You will liberate new information with a maximum of 3X more output than widespread aspect imaging sonar. Take command of ways your sonar returns appear. With display modes, you may upload or eliminate detail, account for water intensity, temperature, and turbulence, even watch lure presentations – all at the push of a button.

The highlights are extraordinary, yet the cost is in the upper center range for these items. In case you’re a good kayak angler, as to explore, and need to be capable consistently to hit the imprint, this is a decent decision.  

Key Features
  • Brilliant 7″ screen with 1,500-nit brightness with 800 x 400 resolution
  • Dual Spectrum CHIRP
  • SwitchFire Sonar
  • Increased bottom coverage and built-in speedometer and surface temperature
  • Side and Down Imaging to 125′
  • Crystal clear images
  • Highly Accurate
  • Nice big screen
  • Full GPS + Humminbird base maps
  • AutoChart Live allows you to create your maps
  • Expensive
  • Not a touch screen
  • Not the best option if you’re trolling

6. Lowrance Elite 9 Ti

Lowrance Elite 9 Ti

If you are searching for the best fish finder, then Lowrance Elite 9 Ti Fishfinder is an incredible decision for you. It is dependable and is useful for angling or discovering depth at any degree of experience. 

This implies regardless of whether you are a fledgling or a specialist angler, this gadget will give you the best understanding, and you will find it is anything but delicate to begin with. You will have the option to make some incredible memories as you go for kayak angling in light of its effortlessness. 

This hi-tech generation propels the honor winning Lowrance target detachment by consolidating the synchronous utilization of bleeding edge CHIRP sonar innovation and Structure Scan HD sonar imaging to deliver unique perspectives on fish holding close to the base and around the structure.

Key Features
  • StructureScan® HD ready with TotalScan™ and HDI transducer
  • An integrated wireless and Bluetooth® connectivity
  • SmartSteer™ control for Xi5 Trolling Motor (12, 9, 7 models only)
  • Easy-to-use, high-resolution touchscreen display
  • Ease of Use
  • WiFi
  • Navigation Capabilities
  • No Weather Radar
  • A Lot of Features to Deal With

7. Garmin Striker Plus 4 Fishfinder

Garmin Striker Plus 4

The GARMIN Striker Plus 4 is challenging to beat at any cost. It also offers double shaft innovation and military-level development; it is produced by one of the leading names in marine gadgets.

The Stricker Plus 4 isn’t attractive, yet as the well-known axiom goes, looks can be beguiling. This unit did not work to win magnificence challenges. It was worked to discover fish on your Kayak, and it exceeds expectations at doing as such.

In the case of distinguishing objective species or mapping the base of a waterway, the pictures are high goals, clear and simple to pursue. Add to this the Quickdraw Contour Mapping programming and the incorporated GPS, and you have outstanding amongst other versatile fish finders accessible.

Key Features
  • 4.3″ color display
  • CHIRP (77/200 kHz) sonar transducer
  • Quickdraw Contours mapping software
  • Built-in, high-sensitivity Garmin GPS
  • power: 200 watts RMS (1600 watts peak-to-peak)
  • Dual transducers
  • integrated GPS included
  • 4.3-inch display
  • Rugged military-grade construction
  • No cover for the screen
  • No NEMA port

8. Lowrance Elite 7X

Lowrance Elite 7X

A down-imaging fish finder is one stage over a conventional sonar. In addition to the fact that it shows you the area of the fish, it likewise gives a nitty-gritty picture.

You have a lot of alternatives with down-imaging fish finders. However, one of our top picks is Lowrance Elite-7x. It is extremely incredible for your Kayak and helpful considering its price.

The Elite-7x accompanies a brilliant and beautiful 7-inch LCD screen. The split-screen gives clear pictures of base structures and fish. The screen is anything but difficult to use in any climate condition, including splendid daylight and during the night.

It is best utilized in generally shallow waters where schools of fish gather. Likewise, it accompanies a top-notch GPS for the best in exactness route: imprint angling spots and threat areas with GPS.

The gadget accompanies an 83/200KHz transducer. It is significantly less complex to use. This is a straightforward yet unique down-imaging kayak fish finder in each sense.

Key Features
  • Display size: 7
  • Display resolution: 800 x 480-pixels
  • Display type:16-color TFT
  • Sonar type:CHIRP, DownScan Imaging
  • CHIRP and DownScan technologies
  • Large display resolution
  • Strong sonar
  • TrackBack function
  • Easy to use
  • No GPS
  • No maps included

Buying Guide for best kayak fish finders


You may lose all sense of direction in all the technological talk on the off chance that you need to purchase your first kayak fish finder. Taking a gander at all the various capacities and highlights can be overwhelming to a first-time purchaser. Between different kinds of transducers, flashers, echoes, sonars, and different things, it’s difficult to understand everything. Here are the things you need to consider while buying the best fish finder for your Kayak.

1. Decide where to mount it

Be mainly careful and strive a few powerful strokes, forestall your Kayak suddenly, lay your paddle throughout the gunnels, etc. Find out where your paddle will hit a fish finder.

Your fish finder needs to be hooked up low, and kind of in an arc of 90 degrees in front of you, and someplace on the center console makes the maximum sense for the general public.

2. Cables and battery 

If you have a great place picked out, consider where you’ll run cables to your battery and transducer. They need to be out of the manner and possibly even secured with duct tape to hold them from becoming a problem. A plate to preserve the massive 12V batteries that maximum models take will also call for careful consideration, and you’ll want to hold it dry, too!

3. Portable or Everlasting

That is a preference that’s mostly a question of danger. Everlasting designs are always uncovered to the elements, the risk of robbery, and being bumped or overwhelmed at some stage in transportation.

Portable designs may be involved in you while you step out of the Kayak. For plenty, those are probably better options.

4. Transducers 

Transducers are fundamental parts to each kayak fish finder. They convey and get sonar waves. These waves, once produced into the water, skip off of various articles. From that point onward, they get picked up by the transducer. At the point when the information returns, it goes into the focal unit. That is where these signs get prepared into an image on the showcase, which you can see and comprehend.

Transducers accompany various kinds of mounts. The most effortless one to introduce is the transom mount.

5. Beams and Cone Angles 

While picking a transducer, a significant viewpoint to consider is the cone edge. As it were, the cone edge reveals to you the width of the shaft transmitted into the water from your Kayak. A more extensive cone implies that a more significant territory will get secured. As the pillar goes down, the cone edge grows, yet to the detriment of affectability in more deep water.

Transducers accompany cones that run from 9 degrees to more than 60 degrees. Most gadgets you will run over will, in general, be somewhere in the range of 16 and 20 degrees. In case you’re only beginning and need to angle in various water depths, a 20-degree cone is a fantastic decision.

6. GPS capabilities 

While there are fish finders out there without a decent GPS framework, they aren’t generally recommendable. GPS implies you can check waypoints for return, download pre-made maps of various waterways and their submerged geology, and a few alternatives even consider progressed individualized cartography and route for a definitive in adaptability.  

Make a note here of WiFi and Bluetooth network and related applications. Regularly kayak fish finders can interface with your telephone or different gadgets for more uncomplicated ease of use, information recording, and comfort. This can imply that you can dissect information from anyplace on your Kayak and look at the readings later from the solace of your own home.


Q. Is fish finder worth on a kayak?
A. Installing a fish finder on your Kayak can be very advantageous. Along with faster fishing, you will be able to mark ways, finding baits, finding underwater structure, avoiding any obstacles, a fish finder will be worth your every penny.

Q. What is a good fish finder for a kayak?
A. Along with all the top-rated kayak fish finders, we have picked out the best for you. Go through this article to find out the best for you. 

Q. Will a transducer work on a kayak?
A. Since kayaks are made of plastic, a transducer can shoot the beam through the plastic into the water. So, it is unnecessary to buy a fish finder with a suction cup transducer for a kayak.

Q. Where to mount fish finder on a kayak?
. Anglers mostly mount the fish finders at the flat area of their kayaks. Find it in your boat, or probably fit it at the back of the Kayak because it is mostly flat.

Q. Do I need a fish finder on my Kayak?
Yes, one of the primary reasons to install a fish finder on your Kayak is finding bait. To avoid the times when you can’t find bait, a fish finder is a good option.

Winner of the Race!

With all the reviews and features of the fish finders, it can be said that the best fish finder you can use on your Kayak is the Garmin Striker 4 fishfinder. If you read more about the product and its features, you will get to know that this is the best fish finder that goes for experts as well as beginners. 

The fish finder suits your budget and gives you all the features from GPS framework to vibrant screen and high frequencies. This kayak fish finder has a lot of buyer reviews, and most of them are satisfying. The device deserves to get a 4 star out of 5.  

Final Verdict

Fishing At lake

After reading this guide, you can easily make your decision to choose the right kayak fish finder for you. Before you buy any fish finder, you must consider all the factors and check all the reviews. While there are a lot of manufacturers for fishfinder and there are various models too, you have to choose the best according to your requirements and expertise level.