Colorado Pontoon Boat: Review and Buyer’s Guide

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Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

Are you an outdoor enthusiast, angler, or waterway explorer looking for a durable, safe, and inexpensive boat suitable for heavy duties? Probably, a boat that can stand any weather?

Look no further!

The Colorado Pontoon boat is your go-to vessel.

Designed with you in mind, this boat offers comfort as you ride regardless of the amount of time you spend in the water. Besides, your safety is never compromised.

Here’s why you need to buy this boat, the best motor to use, and how to test it for any leakages.

Colorado Pontoon Boat Review

If you haven’t tried an inflatable boat, The Colorado Pontoon boat would be the perfect one to start with.

It’s popular for solo fishing and for a good reason. It’s a budget product perfect for beginners as well as intermediaries.

The boat features comfortable non-slip footrests to keep your feet steady throughout your fishing expedition.

For better visibility during fishing, it rides extremely high in the waters. It’s ABYC labeling certified meaning it’s considered safe.

The availability of the dual-side stripping apron that features a fish ruler makes both exit and entry easy without the need to unclip.

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

And if you need to tow it, the tow rings on the boat make it a lot easier.  

Despite its affordable price tag, the Colorado Pontoon Boat is heavy-duty designed to last long.

It can take all the abuse a newbie solo fisher is likely to put it through.

The boat’s bottom is made of abrasion-resistant PVC. The bladders, on the other hand, are resistant to cold and heat. This features make it a non-seasonal boat. 

The top is made of solid nylon, while the steel tube frame is powder-coated to make it resistant to rust.

The powder coating also makes the boat withstand any possible damages while in the water. 

The bronze oarlocks and 2-piece 7ft. long rough aluminum oars make this boat sturdy.

We also found plenty of places where we could attach or store our fish finder.

Classic Accessories Colorado Pontoon Boat

In addition, the Colorado Pontoon boat comes with two insulated holders for cups, 12 zippered pockets, and 10 mesh pockets.  

It’s easy to inflate and deflate the Colorado Pontoon boat, making it easy to transport. Everything will easily fit in most average car trunks.

Heads up: Some states may require that you register your pontoon boat, while you will be required to produce a bill of sale document in other states.

Key Features
  • Highly resistant to both high and low temperatures
  • Sturdy construction suitable for heavy-duties
  • Powder-coated tube frames enhance durability
  • Has both fast inflation and deflation valves
  • Rough but sturdy bronze oar-locks and 7ft. 2-piece aluminum oars.
  • Heavy-duty product
  • High-storage capacity
  • Great construction; hence durable
  • Very stable
  • Easy to control and maneuver
  • One person assembles and disassembles easily
  • Great value for its price
  • Possible to re-inflate using your mouth (if no hand pump is available)
  • Steel makes the boat heavy to carry when disassembled
  • If you weigh above 200lbs, it’s not safe to lean on the seat
  • Instructions may not be clear for first-time boat users

How to Inflate a Colorado Pontoon Boat

You need to inflate your boat to maintain its good performance. To do this properly, start by closing the valve. Next, carefully insert the boat’s inflation adapter into the valve.

Secure the valve well, twist it, unscrew the pontoon’s valve, and start inflating. For the best results, use an air compressor to inflate.

A foot pump is ideal too. However, ensure that the tool you’re using to inflate is fitted with cone-type nozzles.

To avoid cases of bursting or insufficient air, make sure that the pontoon is ¾ full after inflating.

How To Test Pontoon Boat for Leaks

Any pontoon boat is a candidate for leakages, especially if it is an old one.

However, bear in mind that sometimes your boat may seem to be leaking while it’s just compressed.

Compression happens when you expose your pontoon boat to too much sunlight.

Here’s how to test your pontoon boat for leaks before going to fish.

  • Carefully listen if there’s any splashing water in your pontoon boat.
  • Check if there’s any deflation even after re-inflation.
  • Check around the corroded areas to see if there are any holes and leaks.

The Best Trolling Motor for Colorado Pontoon Boat

This one-man-use Colorado pontoon boat can work with any motor ranging from 30lb to 40lb.

The key thing is to ensure that the speed is right compared to the motor’s size.

The rule of thumb is the motor should not exceed 5 mph. To give you an idea, get a trolling motor with approximately three reverse speeds.

The forward speeds can be about 5. It’s also vital to buy an ultra-quiet motor.

Most importantly, the motor should be sturdy. We highly recommend the Minn Kota Endura Transom Mount Trolling Motor.

However, if you plan to get another more powerful pontoon boat soon, then a 40lb motor would be ideal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to fill the Colorado Pontoon Boat with air?

No! You don’t have to fill your Colorado pontoon boat with air not unless you’re checking if there’s any leakage.

How low should a pontoon boat sit in the water?

It’s advisable not to have your pontoon boat go beyond 2ft. from the water’s surface.
If, however, you want to go deeper than that, ensure you’re observing all the necessary precautions.
Also, get to know the path you’re about to take before you get started. This helps to avoid any unforeseen dangers for you or your boat.
Where possible, avoid paths that have debris as they may make your boat sink.

Final Thoughts

Colorado pontoon boat is a must-have if you want value for money. Not only is it durable, but excellent for all types of water.

It can go through class 3 rapids and over rocks without losing its quality. It’s resistant to rust and safe to use.

All things considered, this is a decent purchase that will serve you for years. It’s a boat that can withstand years of abuse!

If you want more options before making a purchase check out these other inflatable boats.