Deep-Sea Fishing In Texas: Everything You Need To Know

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deep sea fishing in texas

Texas is one of the favorite places for deep-sea anglers not only in the United States but also globally. There are plenty of water bodies in Texas, both fresh and salty.

Additionally, it boasts a 367-mile coastline, which is conveniently extensive for most anglers.

There is a wide variety of fish species to catch in the Texan waters. In the deeper sea waters that stretch into the Gulf of Mexico, you will find the red snapper, tarpon, king mackerel, and amberjack.

If you are fishing closer to the shore, you are likely to catch red drum, black drum, and the spotted seatrout, which is popular among anglers.

The water bodies are under both the federal jurisdiction of Texas and Texas Parks and Wildlife, depending on the distance from the shore.

When Is The Best Time To Go Deep-Sea Fishing In Texas?

In the Texan waters, fish is available all year round. This means that people can go deep-sea fishing at any given time of the year.

However, summer is the best time to go deep sea fishing in Texas. The water is relatively calmer during this time, which makes for an easier fishing experience. Also, there is a higher probability of catching and keeping the popular red snapper.

It is important to time your fishing expedition according to the availability of the fish you want to catch.

For instance, if you plan to go fishing in federal waters, which is past 9 nautical miles off the coast of Texas- ensure that your trip coincides with the accessibility of the species you are targeting.

What Are The Best Deep-Sea Fishing Points In Texas?

There are several departure points for deep-sea fishing in Texas. The decision as to where to depart from is dependent on factors like:

  • How deep into the sea you plan to go.
  • Whether you have a specific destination in mind.
  • Whether you want to stay in a small town or a big city.
  • The fishing spot that is closest to you.

The main deep-sea fishing points in Texas include the following:

  • Galveston

Galveston is a deep-sea fishing point on the Northern side of the coast. It offers a great variety of fish species- you will definitely catch fish at this here, even on a bad day.

One can catch up to 10 fish on a normal day, depending on the species and size you are targeting.

The best time of the year to fish at Galveston is summer. This is when there is a great availability of Spanish mackerel, flounder, trout, cobia, and shark.

During winter, you are most likely to catch black drum and redfish. Additionally, Galveston has the best saltwater fishing in Texas.

  • Corpus Christi
Corpus Christi

Corpus Christi is located towards the Southern coast. It is not as big a city as Galveston, but it has an airport and other fancy amenities. The fish species found at this departure point include redfish, black drum, flounder, and speckled seatrout.

Most anglers are drawn to Corpus Christi by the redfish found there. They are bigger than in other places, and one could reach up to 40 inches in length.

  • Freeport
Freeport is in the Brazosport

Freeport is in the Brazosport area and is the place where the first deep-water port was located. This is why many charter and private operators are situated here.

This is a perfect location to get the state’s artificial reef program that is found deeper into the waters.

Fish species you will find here include the red drum, redfish, speckled seatrout, and flounder. Deeper in the sea- about 10 miles offshore- you will find kingfish, red snapper, sharks, and cobia.

Freeport is in a remote town and a perfect destination for anglers who prefer the experience of an intimate town to a big city.

  • South Padre Island
southern coast of Texas

This deep-sea fishing spot is situated at the southern coast of Texas; it is the farthest point deep-sea fishing departure point in Texas.

Anglers travel all the way to South Padre for the large artificial reef, which is rare in the other spots.

This fishing point is home to the larger wahoo, mahi-mahi, blue marlin, dorado, tarpon, and tuna.

South Padre is one of the most beautiful deep-sea departure points as it has a beach scene ambiance. Also, many fishing tournaments are held here at different times of the year.

What Makes Texas A Good Destination For Deep-Sea Fishing?

Texas is a popular deep-sea fishing destination for anglers. The abundance of water bodies and a wide variety of fish are obvious reasons why it is popular.

Still, those are not the only reasons; anglers are also attracted to Texas for the following reasons:

  1. Different Departure Points

The Texas coastline provides different departure avenues when one intends to go fishing in the deep-sea.

One of the most popular departure points is Galveston in the North. Towards the South, there are Port O’Connor, Matagorda, and Corpus Christi. Corpus Christi is the most popular spot in the South.

Other departure points include Rockport, Aransas Pass, Fulton, and Port Aransas. This list would not be complete without the mention of South Padre Island, which is located on the coastal tip of Texas.

  • The Gulf of Mexico

The Gulf of Mexico plays the role of the deep-sea fishing capital in Texas. It is one of the main reasons deep-sea anglers are attracted to Texas.

The extensive 367-mile coastline provides the perfect spots to get the most magnificent fish.

Furthermore, it is the perfect size for anglers who want to go fishing for a whole day or more. For the more experienced ones, they can sail further South to meet the blue Caribbean Sea. There are captains who go for up to four days fishing in the deep waters.

The gulf is home to some of the fastest and biggest species, the likes of barracuda, amberjack, sailfish, red snappers, and tuna.

Sharks are also present in these waters, which may be a little dangerous. Either way, the Gulf of Mexico makes the Texas coast popular with both locals and touring anglers.

  • The Texas Weather

The weather in Texas is conducive for all-year-round fishing. Like it has been highlighted earlier in the article, summer is arguably the best time to go fishing as the waters are calmest then.

Springtime is also favorable for fishing as the weather is just the perfect amount of warmth to spend a day out fishing. Also, the skies are clear, and there is minimum wind in the atmosphere.

For those who don’t like fishing when it’s sunny, then fall is a perfect time. This period is marked by a cool breeze and slight rains, which are perfect for catching the good fish.

Winter does not stop anglers either. This is the period between December and March when the water is cold and winds a bit gusty.

Final Words

Texas is one of the best destinations for deep sea fishing. It is a favorite for both local and touring anglers.

This is because it has a large variety of fish species and a big coastline that extends to 367 miles. Furthermore, fish is available all through the year.