Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Fishing Boat Review

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Bestway Hydro Force Marine Pro 115

Many people who love water activities admit the thrilling experience of maneuvering through waterways on a kayak.

There is so much to experience whether you’re paddling through a still lake Bodybuilding vs Powerlifting Deadlift | T-Nation qualite premarin avec expedition musculation motivation 2019 hd – niveaux de dévouement or a winding river.

It’s a leisure activity filled with natural beauty along the way, besides being a fantastic way to exercise that comes with many health benefits.

Anglers and kayak enthusiasts have two options for the type of boat they can use—hardshell or inflatable boats.

The two types have varying levels of experience, and today, we’re going to focus on the Bestway hydro-force marine fishing boat—an inflatable marine boat and why you need to try it out.

We will discuss the pros and cons, plus key features that make the best fishing boat for two or a small family adventure.

Hydro-Force Marine Fishing Boat Review


Built from grade-level PVC and three-ply reinforced vinyl material, the Bestway hydro-force marine fishing boat will withstand the most extreme water conditions.

Whether you’re going out for long fishing sessions exposed to UV rays, grime, or petroleum products, you can bank on Bestway hydro-force to cruise through the roughest waterways.

You’ll drag this monster into the water through pavements and rocks without puncturing or causing scratches.

Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Pro has enough space for two adults and still leaves you with adequate room to bring along refreshments and a small kid.  

Inflatable Parts

Another outstanding feature of Hydro-Force Marine Pro is the quick setup. It takes you about 10minutes to inflate the bottom, two sides, and the cushion seats.

A sturdy inflatable floor makes the vessel stand out among many other inflatable kayaks.

Entering and exiting the boat is a breeze, even for the small kids. Thanks to the high-pressure floor inflation.

Bestway Hydro Force Marine Pro 115" Inflatable 2 Person Fishing Boat Lake Raft with 2 Aluminum Oars, Inflation Pump, and Fishing Rod Holders, Green

Also included are comfortable, inflatable seats. You may choose to remove the cushions to create more space if you’re bringing more valuables on board.

And since the whole boat is inflatable, there’s enhanced buoyancy, hence no cause of worry when bringing in more stuff.

Deflation also takes about 10 minutes. You can quickly and easily toss it in the storage bag when done using.


The Hydro-Force Marine Pro includes a wide array of accessories. 

From a safety-grab rope, motor mount grommets, Trolling motor, Omni-directional oarlocks, a pair of 60-inch aluminum oars, to a foot pump, you can easily see why this vessel a favorite to many.

The safety-grab rope will keep you and especially the young ones, safe from slipping in case of strong waves or a fall.

The safety-grab ropes are helpful when transporting the boat down the water, especially on a rough path.

Trolling motor mount on Amazon here

Intex Motor Mount Kit for Intex inflatable Boats

The grommets come in handy in case you decide to upgrade your boat. You can use them to attach an integrated motor.

The included oars are designed explicitly for paddling a marine boat of its magnitude.

There are locks to attach them when you’re not paddling.

Although electric pumps are the best for faster inflation, the package includes an air pump that takes about 10 minutes to inflate the entire boat.

Lastly, on the boat’s sides is a storage pouch you can use to store valuables such as snacks, phones, and wallets.

You may also use them for storing fishing accessories when you’re out fishing.

Important: Hydro-Force Marine Pro features two inflatable cushions suitable for two adults. However, consider taking out the cushions if you’re bringing along kids or other valuables requiring space.

You can also leave the cushions behind if you plan to paddle for long hours to keep your feet free from cramping.

Key Features
  • Durable design—three-ply reinforced vinyl material
  • High-pressure inflatable floor
  • Includes a 14.5-inch inflation pump
  • Safety valves
  • Omni-directional oarlocks
  • 114.57″ x 50″ x 18.11″ expansive space for two adults
  • All-inflatable parts for enhanced buoyancy
  • Massive weight capacity of up to 594 pounds
  • Mounted fishing rod holders
  • Maximum power of up to 1.0kw (1.4HP)
  • Includes a storage pouch on the side
  • Comfortable, inflatable, and removable cushion seats
  • Screw valves for quick inflation and deflation
  • Heavy-duty repair patch kit
  • 360-degree grab rope, built-in grommets, and heavy-duty handles for easy transportation
  • Durable and waterproof build material
  • Quick setup: about ten minutes
  • Easy to transport, inflate, and deflate
  • Includes accessories such as foot pump and repair kit
  • Substantial weight capacity with a lot of room to bring other valuables on board
  • Enough space for two makes kayaking a social adventure
  • Not the best for windy and rapid current conditions
  • Flimsy oarlocks
  • Many users report a pathetic storage bag
  • Some users complain of inaccurate pressure gauge

Bestway Hydro-Force Marine Fishing Boat Maintenance Tips

Although constructed from a solid and durable three-ply reinforced vinyl material, any inflatable boat requires some level of maintenance to maximize its service life.

The first maintenance tip is to make cleaning a routine after every vacation or a long fishing session.

Many microscopic bacteria get onto your boat while in the water; you probably won’t see them.

Such bacteria, when left for long, may discolor the vessel or even cause a foul odor.

Bestway Hydro Force Marine Pro 115" Inflatable 2 Person Fishing Boat Lake Raft with 2 Aluminum Oars, Inflation Pump, and Fishing Rod Holders, Green

Larger debris, such as rocks and sand when left unattended, may cause abrasion over time.  

Ensure to take all accessories off your boat after every long fishing session and flash the vessel with clean, cold water.

Leave it to dry completely before packing. However, do not leave the boat to dry in direct sunlight for too long.

Although designed to withstand intense UV rays over long hours on the water, the material may not withstand extended hours of direct sunlight at one place, especially if you live in an area that’s hot and dry most of the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many people are moving away from hardshell kayaks and embracing inflatable boats.

However, more questions still surround their proper usage, maintenance, among other operational features.

Below are answers to common questions about Hydro-Force Marine Pro Fishing Boat.

What Are Some Important Tips To Using a Hydro-Force Marine Pro Inflatable Boat?

* Only inflate the boat to the recommended capacity by the manufacturer. Read the manual for the desired inflation capacity of each part.
* Store the boat in free and open space away from sharp objects that may endanger the inflatable parts. Avoid putting things on top of the bag containing your boat.
* Consider inflating the boat once at your destination and ready to use. Temperature changes may cause changes in pressure levels in case you pre-inflate and transport over a distance.

What Are Some Important Modifications For Hydro-Force Marine Pro?

A motor is the most popular mod that many people put on their Hydro-Force Marine Pro.
Intex motor fits well that you may mistake it as part of the vessel. Keep in mind that you can have more than three horsepowers with a motor on your boat.
Plywood flooring is another common modification that some people use.
Although the inflatable floor is made solid and comfortable, some people consider attaching plywood to enhance reliability.

Can I store My Hydro-Force Marine Pro Boat Inflated?

Interestingly enough, this is the best way to store an inflatable boat.
Although it takes up a lot of space and it’s difficult to transport while inflated, keeping the boat inflated saves it from abrasions when you mistakenly store it with stones or sand. 
Furthermore, it’s easy to puncture the boat when stored after deflating.
So, if you have enough space in your garage, storing the boat inflated is the most recommended way.

How Can I Remove Mold Stains From My Hydro-Force Marine Pro?

Rub Speed Clean into the affected areas using a sponge or a scrub brush and leave it to dry.
Add more Speed Clean and scrub further, this time with more vigor.
You can then expose your boat to the sunlight to dry before storage.

Note: Some people use pressure wash for cleaning and removing mold from the inflatable tube. However, the low-pressure wash is only suitable for removing sand and setting the boat ready for cleaning. Consider scrubbing with a sponge or a scrub brush to remove stains and mold.

Bottom Line

Besides a few negatives such as an inaccurate pressure gauge, flimsy oarlocks, and the pathetic storage bag, the overall consensus of a Best Hydro-Force Marine Pro makes it a worthy inflatable boat.

The boat is roomy enough for you and a partner plus a kid, besides the easy setup and all-three inflatable part construction to enhance the buoyancy.

However, keep in mind that safety levels vary from one boat to the other.

While many inflatable boats will only handle class one and two waters with mild currents, some will handle rapid currents of up to class three and four waters.

So, if you boat a lot in rapid waters, ensure to consult the manual or confirm with your dealer if the boat you intend to buy can withstand class three and four waters.

Unfortunately, this boat is suitable for mild currents of class one and two waters.