Best Fishing Days (Days and Reasons)

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If you don’t have a lot of time to fish or you want to make the most of the days you do go fishing, then discovering the best fishing days is important.

Many amateur anglers don’t even realize that many things influence their fishing and simply believe that their good or bad fishing days is down to luck.

The truth is that even with the best fishing location and all of the right equipment, you might not even get a bite. There are lots of things that all anglers and would-be anglers need to consider to find the best fishing days.

Finding the best fishing days – things to consider


Firstly, since fish are coldblooded creatures, their level of activity depends on the temperature of the water that they swim in.

When it’s cold, fish are more inactive, so if you’re fishing on cooler days, you’re not going to get as lucky.

That’s not to say it’s best to go for hot days either because fish will often retreat deeper down so that they can stay cool.

Also, consider which times of day bugs are more active. As annoying as they are, if the air is abundant with mosquitoes, the fishing will be good as they are a source of food.


Just like other types of animals, fish are more prolific during certain seasons and times of the year. Seasons, like the weather too, vary depending on where you live and the types of fish you like to catch.

Here are some basic guidelines around seasonal fishing and the best fishing days:

Spring – the best fishing days in spring are later on in the season when the days are getting warmer

Summer – in summer, you can get good bites every day unless it’s really hot. But even on really hot days, you can still catch a lot of fish if you time it right.

That might mean getting there before sunrise and after sunset, however, as this is the time the fish are more active since their food is plentiful.

Fall – a little like spring, fall can be great at the beginning but is quite inconsistent. You’ll tend to have more luck in the late afternoon when the water has had all day to warm up.

Also, the fish are driven to eat more at this time of year due to winter approaching and the shortage of food that brings. In fall, therefore, fishing at dusk is your best bet.

Winter – as you might imagine, winter isn’t a great time of year for fishing, unless you’re considering ice fishing, of course.

The tides

If you’re fishing close to the shore where the water is affected by tides, considering the high tide and low tide times is essential for the best fishing days.

The changing tides mean that fish prey is more concentrated, which means the fish come out to eat. You want to avoid fishing at the height of high tide or the peak of the low tide because it’s more difficult to catch a fish when the water isn’t moving.

When the tide is coming in or going out is a much better time to catch a bite.

Also, during a full moon, the tide will rise higher than average, which means fish will feed more. So, pay attention to the lunar calendar as well.

Tide fishing tips

  1. The best way nowadays is to use a search engine and search for the tide times for your area.
  2. You can also find tide times on notice boards around key fishing locations.
  3. When it’s high tide, choose a shallower area to fish
  4. When it’s low tide, look for a mud bank that’s near to a slough – this is an area with a depression at the bottom.
  5. One hour before or one hour after the high or low tide is great for fishing.

Extra tips to find the best times and days for fishing

Checkout a barometer

Another wonderful time to fish is when a barometer is steady or on the rise. If you’re experiencing a stormy period, don’t forget that fish will still feed, though!

Smart anglers still manage to catch fish during storms, it just takes the right bait and a bit more skill.

Water surface

You’ll have better luck fishing when the water is still or ripped rather than during windy days.

Wind direction

Fishing is often more successful whenever a breeze comes from the south or west rather than the north or east.

Fly hatching

One of the best times to fish is when you have flies hatching so look up when this is likely to happen and head off with your rod!​

Final thoughts on best fishing days

Everyone who goes fishing does so to catch fish and so increasing your catch is really important for most anglers.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to understand the best days for fishing as well as other things you should be aware of to get your best catch.

Ultimately, though, the best fishing days are often the ones where you’re quietly out in the peace and quiet with just your rod and the water for company!