Addicted To Fishing: Find Out Why You Love Fishing Here

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Addicted To Fishing

There isn’t anything quite like a serene afternoon spent on the calm waters with nothing but a rod in hand and the clear blue skies above— now that’s pure bliss.

Fishing has been around for the past 40 000 years and will continue to be a part of human living for years to come. 

Having started predominantly for food security, the activity became a leisurely pastime activity and a popular sporting activity worldwide.

Let’s feed your addiction as we explore all things fishing.

Fishing In History: Your Ancestors Loved Fishing Too!

Fishing activity can be traced back as far as 40 000 years ago, with evidence that the Tianyuan man (whose bones are estimated to be between 42 000 and 39 000 years old) consumed fish regularly. 

© akg-images / Hervé Champollion – Fishing in Ancient Egypt, wall relief, Saqqara necropolis, 24th century BCE

This is revealed by findings of discarded fish bones in their dwelling and cave paintings of fishing.

Humans’ first fishing endeavors were done using a simple rod with a bone for the hook and vines for the twine.

As time went on, harpoons and toxic plants which numbed the fish were the main ways to catch fish.

From the Ancient Egyptian civilization, there is evidence that shows significant fishing activity on the Nile river. 

The Egyptians used woven baskets and nets, harpoons and hooks and lines in their angling, as depicted in the tombs and papyrus drawings.

Although the Ancient Greeks viewed fishing as a lowly activity, there is proof of Greek art that depicts fishing activities in their society.

While it’s unknown when angling became a commercial activity, technological advancements in fishing equipment, boats, and navigation enabled a thriving fishing industry.

Mention of recreational fishing can be traced to the 15th century in the works of Wynkyn de Worde: Treatyse of Fysshynge With an Angle.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Fishing?

We all want to live our best lives ever. And while we’re at it, we want to be healthy.

You may associate fishing with a relaxing hobby, to put food on the table, or for an award-winning catch.

But, you ought to know several health benefits, both physical and mental, associated with this activity.

Great exercise

Believe it or not, fishing is a great way to exercise.

Angling makes for a great low-impact cardio workout in the comfort of your boat. 

The best part is you can steadily increase your fitness while fishing without straining your body.

Boost your lung health and immune system

Our cities are highly polluted from all the daily emissions out there.

Going fishing is a great way to clean out your lungs as you breathe in air that is rich in oxygen. 

Coupled with the exercise you do on a fishing trip, your lungs will feel better than they have in the city.

A dose of sunshine

A sunny morning spent out on the water is a good boost of vitamin D that will do your body good.

addicted to fishing

A healthy dose of vitamin D will improve your immune system, quicken healing, and help your body digest calcium essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Eating healthy

If your catch of the day ends up on your plate, you are all the healthier.

Fish are a nutritious meal packed with omega-three fatty acids that are good for your general heart health.

They also contain vitamins B12 and D, protein, and a good kind of cholesterol.

Catching your fish is a cost-effective way to eat healthily, not forgetting how yummy fish is.

Calming effects of water

Being out on the water has health benefits you possibly didn’t know. Moving water produces negative ions. 

These ions boost your immune system, increase your metabolism and help your body to relax.

addicted to fishing

A day well spent on calm waters is sure to boost your mood.

For your mental well-being

Science backs up the calming effects of being at one with nature.

If you are battling depression and anxiety, time spent in the great outdoors will be immensely good to you.

The actual fishing exercise produces endorphins, boosting your mood.

Medically, fishing therapy has been explored as a treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder.

Scientists say that endorphins produce a similar effect as opiates on the body.

They work in the same way to numb pain and give feelings of elation. 

As a result, your body can get hooked and start craving the effect of the endorphins.

This feeling of joy that you get may explain why you can’t get enough of fishing. 

However, medical experts argue that you can’t develop a dependency on endorphins as you would with opiates.

You simply love having lots of it, but your world wouldn’t come crashing down if you didn’t. 

Promotes a wholesome lifestyle

Fishing is also a great way to improve your concentration and attention. 

In a world where our focus is pulled in different directions, investing in activities that help us unplug and filter out what’s important is essential. 

Going fishing is one such way to help us achieve mindfulness.

Angling is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem while attaining a necessary life skill – endurance. 

On your fishing trip, it may well be your lucky day as you make a great catch.

Or, it may not be so great a day on the water, but you have learned some valuable fishing skills that you will improve on with time.

Going on a group fishing expedition is an excellent way to build bonds, network, and create lasting friendships and memories.

In a world where social media has taken a significant chunk of our lives, fishing trips are beneficial for needed social interaction offscreen.

Interesting Facts About Fishing

  • It’s said that there are more species of fish in the world than any other vertebrate group. All these fish species have different characteristics and are fished in different ways.
  • The earliest fishing hooks discovered were made of snail shells and estimated to be around 23 000 years old.
  • Fishing lines were made of horsehair, silk, and cotton for the longest time. The use of plastic in making fishing lines began in the 1930s.
  • There are about 40 million sports fishermen in America, which is more than the number of golfers and tennis players combined.

When Is The Best Time To Go Fishing?

Since fish are cold-blooded, they rely on environmental conditions for heating and cooling.

The best time to go fishing is at dusk or dawn, as those are the times of day with the perfect warmth for fish. 

During the day, the sun’s rays tend to be too warm for the fish, and the fish retreat to deeper waters for cooling.


There’s so much that fishing has to offer, and anyone can enjoy it. Humankind has been at it for thousands of years. 

Plus, with all the great benefits it provides, it’s no wonder why you get hooked on fishing. 

So, take the plunge, head out to that water body near you and enjoy a day angling.

You may surprise yourself and make a prize-winning catch!