Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube Review

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Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube, with Storage Pockets, Fish Ruler, Adjustable Straps, 350LBS Load Bearing Capacity (Camouflage Color)

Floating tubes are becoming the new craze for anglers looking for convenience that large fishing boats may otherwise not offer.

They are compact, making them easy to pack and transport, besides providing limitless access to more remote fishing locations.

With a float tube, you’ll go fishing at a moment’s notice, unlike boats that require a significant amount of time to launch.

Fishing enthusiasts looking for a new experience away from fishing boats or long, tedious hours seated by the water shores should try a fishing float tube.

The Goplus inflatable fishing float tube is one of the best float tubes available on the market today.

Let’s have a look at the features that make it unique, its pros and cons.

Construction and Design

Goplus float tube is built from a combination of robust PVC and 600D polyester.

The premium build material helps it remain defiant in the face of sharp objects and rocks found in the water bodies.

The hydrodynamic hull shape gives Goplus float tube great stability and enhanced buoyancy, making it suitable for fishing and other water-related activities.

The float tube has stable buoyancy and a weight-bearing solid capacity of up to 350 pounds.

Besides accommodating larger weights, the air-filled waterproof polyester seat ensures your back remains raised and dry throughout your fishing trip.

Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube, with Storage Pockets, Fish Ruler, Adjustable Straps, 350LBS Load Bearing Capacity (Camouflage Color)

A more expansive space of up to 53.3 by 41.5 inches is adequate to bring extra fishing gear.

The inflatable tubes are thick and durable, and one can use an electric pump, provided you have the nozzle set.

Still, you may choose to use the included foot pump, although many users report its unreliability.  

Accessories and Features

One remarkable feature about the Goplus inflatable fishing float tube is the wide net behind the seat.

The net provides adequate and safe storage of fish without accumulating much water in your float tube.

Additionally, the Goplus float tube has extra storage pockets on both sides to keep your devices such as mobile phones, water cups, fishing bait, and other items.

Also included in the package are two repair kits.

Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube, with Storage Pockets, Fish Ruler, Adjustable Straps, 350LBS Load Bearing Capacity (Camouflage Color)

At the front of the seat is a ruler you can use for measuring fish.

The adjustable backpacking straps are for easier transportation of the float tube.

The seat has shoulder straps on either side to secure you in place, ensuring you don’t slip off if you stumble on an object in the water.

Goplus inflatable fishing float tube also has an adjustable backrest that offers more comfort when fly-fishing for long hours.

Setup and Packing

The tube comes with the manufacturer’s instruction manual for quick and easy setup.

Use the included foot pump to inflate all four tubes— two sides, seat, and the backrest as directed.

Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube, with Storage Pockets, Fish Ruler, Adjustable Straps, 350LBS Load Bearing Capacity (Camouflage Color)

Some people find the pump less effective—you can use an electric pump instead.

The deflation process is easy. Simply unscrew the middle valve halfway from the bladder valve.  

Key Features
  • High-load bearing and great buoyancy for added safety
  • Durable PVC and waterproof polyester build material
  • Thick-padded seat for enhanced comfort
  • Adjustable backrest for easy and quick transportation to remote waters
  • Includes a foot pump for easy and fast inflation and deflation
  • A fish ruler for instant measuring of fish sizes
  • More storage space
  • Incorporates a seat belt for enhanced security and safety
  • Lightweight and with padded shoulder straps for easier backpacking
  • Loop and hook fasteners for securing fishing rods in place
  • Compact size
  • Easy and quick set up
  • Waterproof build material
  • Comes with a foot pump
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable and well-padded backrest
  • Easy to assemble and dissemble
  • Suitable for fishing in isolated lakes and small ponds
  • Poor-quality foot pump
  • Paddling over a long duration can be tiring on the feet
  • Slanted side pockets can easily drop valuables if not zipped properly

Important: Although fishing float tubes will go in most boat-restricted areas of the lake, they are only ideal for calm waters such as lakes, canals, slow rivers, and ponds.

Avoid fishing in oceans with strong waves or rivers with rapid currents. They may be difficult to control, unlike kayaks or bigger boats 

How To Store a Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube

Proper storage of a fishing float tube is an essential consideration for prolonged service life.

Leaving your float tube partly inflated is a good way of protecting the outer canvas from folding and over-inflation that may damage the seams.

While some people advise laying the float tube flat on the floor, hanging it somewhere in your garage is another option if you lack enough floor space.

However, avoid hanging the float tube for a longer duration with the inner tube attached as it’ll cause the valve to dislocate from its line.

Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube, with Storage Pockets, Fish Ruler, Adjustable Straps, 350LBS Load Bearing Capacity (Camouflage Color)

As a result, you may need to adjust the bladder every time you set the float tube.

Experts advise cleaning the floating tube off any sand particles and other dirt which may cause damages before folding.

Dismantle all the parts, clean well, and leave to dry completely before packing.

Mildew is an enemy of the tube and will eat away the bladder, reducing the tube’s lifespan.

Although float tubes are easy to repair, even a tiny puncture on the tube will inconvenience you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fishing float tubes come in many designs, sizes, and varied features.

They offer diverse fishing experiences and have different service lives.

Check out these common questions about Goplus inflatable fishing float boats and their answers.

How Do I Manoeuvre a Goplus Inflatable Fishing Float Tube?

Once all chambers of the float tube are inflated to capacity, put it on water and sit.
You’ll need good flippers to help you maneuver the fishing float tube silently through the water. 
Although Goplus inflatable fishing float tubes are highly puncture-resistant, experts advise operating near the shore.
Accidents, including deflated tubes, may occur while paddling in the middle of the pond or lake, thus posing grave danger as moving your catch to the shores may not be easy.

What Should I Bring On a Fishing Float Tube Day Out?

For an epic experience on a fishing float tube outing, you may need to bring a couple of items with you, including:
Life jacket
Fishing rod

Should I Wear Waders In a Fishing Float Tube?

Although not necessary for float tube fishing, it’s a good practice to include waders in your fishing gear.
Waders protect you from hypothermia and underwater bugs such as leeches. They also help you stay safe from abrasions.

What Are Some Important Fishing Float Tube Tips?

Avoid going too far in the event the float tube develops a puncture
Take the proper rod and tackle
Cast and troll your catch
Map out your fishing spot since you’ll need to operate near the shore
Remember the flippers and ensure they are attached to the float tube
Wear bright colors to help you remain visible
For emergencies, carry ping-pong paddles—you may need more propulsion
Watch your time to avoid taking too long to get back to the shores
Tie up your valuables and protect them in waterproof cases
Practice with a pair of flippers before setting out on a long adventure
On your return, take advantage of the wind when the energy levels are low
Carry extra clothes to change when you’re done fishing
Carry a lot of snack foods and water
Remember your sunscreen

How Do I Inflate My Goplus Float Tube?

There are several ways of blowing up a fishing float tube. You can use a hand pump, an electric pump, or a foot pump.
Avoid inflating the tube using your mouth as it may take you long unless you have some spare time. 
If you inflate and deflate more often, an electric pump is your best option. It’s the fastest among the other options.
Remember to inflate all chambers equally to ensure your float tube remains stable while on the water. 

Bottom Line

An ideal fishing float tube is portable, comfortable, and easy to store.

Most modern float tubes combine these qualities, and the Goplus inflatable fishing float tube is no exception.

It’s compact, lightweight, easy to store, and incredibly stable on the water.

A deflated Goplus float tube comfortably fits in a small backpack.

You may opt to strap it on your back or place it on the car truck seat upon inflation.