Best Pontoon Boat Grill – 2021 Buyers Guide

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best pontoon grill

As you can probably imagine, pontoon grills are highly sought-after.

Thanks to this modern invention, it’s possible to enjoy your favorite grilled meats (burgers, steaks, etc.) on the water!

Not all pontoon grills are made the same, however. Some come with features that are simply superior, such as the ability to swivel (a must-have).

Here are our 3 top picks for the best pontoon boat grill, as well as a buyer’s guide, so you always know what to look for!

#1: The Cuisinart Modified Pontoon Boat Grill

Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat with Arnall's Stainless Grill Bracket Set SILVER
Key Features
  • 145 square inches on which to grill
  • Designed to affix to a 1.25-inch square railing (with brackets)
  • Brackets are ultra-durable 7 GA 304 stainless steel
  • Fueled by a propane tank
  • Grill feet are retrofitted for the Arnall’s Grill Bracket Set (included)
  • No assembly and simple to install
  • Clear instructions and simple install
  • Brackets fold to make storage easier
  • Padded mounts don’t leave a mark
  • Lightweight
  • Great adjustability
  • No assembly
  • The drip tray is said to be a bit small

The Cuisinart Modified Pontoon Boat Grill is a top-quality pontoon grill, designed to affix to a 1.25-inch square railing.

Its ingenious design combines a top-of-the-line Cuisinart grill with Arnall’s grill brackets. As a result, you can cook a variety of meats, veggies, and other foods out on the water!

To adapt to the windy, wet environment at sea or on the lake, the grill is adjustable and therefore virtually wind-proof.

This makes grilling hassle-free, as the flame is much easier to control. In this vein, the Cuisinart Modified Pontoon Boat Grill also comes fully assembled, so you can just affix it via the brackets, and hit the water!

Cuisinart Grill Modified for Pontoon Boat with Arnall's Stainless Grill Bracket Set SILVER

To preserve your polished railing, the brackets themselves are padded, and will not leave so much as a scuff.

This, without sacrificing durability – the brackets themselves are crafted from ultra-durable 7 GA 304 stainless steel that won’t bend or break.

The grill itself is available in 15-inches or 17-inches options, with enough room to cook up multiple burgers and steaks (enough for you, and any friends and family!).

The Cuisinart Modified Pontoon Boat Grill relies on propane fuel. It can be conveniently folded to stow, and the install couldn’t be easier.

When it comes to the best pontoon grill, there’s not a lot more you can ask for!

#2: The Magma Marine Gas Grill

Magma Products, Party Size Marine Kettle Gas Grill, A10-215
Key Features
  • 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel
  • Option of 15-inch or 17-inch grill
  • High-tech radiant heat distribution for an even cook
  • Swiveling and wind-proof
  • Easy to install
  • Fueled by a propane tank
  • Excellent durability and longevity
  • Folks appreciate the hinged cover
  • Quick and easy to change fuel
  • Cooks nice and evenly
  • A lot of food fits on the grill
  • The grease catcher could be better (more effective and easier to clean)

The Magma Marine Gas Grill is an ultra-modern pontoon grill: high-tech and sleek.

It uses patented radiant heat distribution, which helps ensure that your burgers or steaks achieve an even cook!

It also looks the part, with 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel (you can practically see your face in it).

Magma Products, Party Size Marine Kettle Gas Grill, A10-215

This simple-to-assemble and easy-to-install grill is fueled by your standard 1-pound propane canister.

Or, it can connect to your onboard CNG (natural gas) or LPG (propane). To protect your boat and the environment, it also has a handy grease catcher!

So that you can adjust it as you please, the Magma Marine Gas Grill swivels, making it windproof.

This grill is also renowned for its reliability and longevity. Overall, it’s absolutely worth a look!

#3: The Magma Marine Charcoal Grill

Magma Products, A10-104 Marine Kettle Charcoal Grill w/Hinged Lid, Original Size, Multi,15" Diameter
Key Features
  • Made of 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel
  • Option of 15-inch to 17-inch grill
  • Easy variable draft door assembly
  • Fueled by time-tested charcoal
  • Plastic handle made to stay cool
  • Great heat control
  • Excellent durability
  • Cleans easily
  • Stores simply
  • Mounts securely
  • Some wish you didn’t have to un-mount the grill to clean it

With the Magma Marine Charcoal Grill Grill, you have the standard 15-inch and 17-inch options, to suit what you prefer.

For fuel, this pontoon grill uses time-tested charcoal. The charcoal burns evenly, and this grill provides exceptional heat control, for a perfectly cooked meal. The charcoal is also said to preserve the flavor!

The Magma Marine Charcoal Grill owes its super-sleek appearance and remarkable durability to 18-9 mirror polished stainless steel.

The handle is the exception, as it’s made of plastic, in order to stay cool.

Finally, the Magma Marine Charcoal Grill is easy to clean, easy to store, and of course, simple to install – it’s truly one of the best pontoon grills out there, and it could be exactly what you’re looking for!

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to finding the best pontoon grill, there are several key aspects that you’ll want to consider!

What’s it Fueled By?

Pontoon grills typically run on gasoline, propane, or charcoal. Charcoal is probably the most affordable, with gasoline a close second.

While propane costs a bit more, it also burns cleaner and lasts longer.

What’s more, it’s easier to replace a propane canister than a gasoline tank! As far as charcoal goes, it involves a tiny bit more manual labor, but it’s said to enhance flavor.

So, in the end, all three fuels are viable, it just depends on what you’re looking for!

What’s it Made Of?

A top-quality grill of any sort will always be made of stainless steel. How else can it withstand the heat (yet cook evenly)?

Stainless steel is also exceptionally rust-proof. As far as its appearance, it’s eye-catching and sleek. A stainless steel pontoon grill is what you’re after!

What Size is the Grill?

Who do you intend to grill for? Just yourself, or also for guests on your boat?

This will help you decide what size of grill you’d prefer. As can be expected, a larger grill will also be a bit costlier.

Most pontoon boat grills are either 15-inches or 17-inches.

While the 2-inch difference in grill size may not sound like a lot, it can enable you to fit a few more burgers, steaks, etc.

Kuuma 58182 Stow N' Go Grill Rail Mount

If you have a family, a 17-inch grill is probably what you’re looking for!

On the other hand, if you’re planning on just boating on your own or with a friend, you can also go with a 15-inch grill, and save a buck.

Obviously, the larger the grill the better, in general, however!

Extender bars are available which will give you more flexibility for the size of grill you can attach. Here are some I found on Amazon

Kuuma 58182 Stow N' Go Grill Rail Mount

Does it Adjust or Swivel?

This is actually pretty major. On the water, it’s essential that your grill has the ability to adjust, or swivel.

This is necessary in order to move it out of the wind and can make it virtually wind-proof. Without this feature, you’re sure to experience a lot more frustration grilling over the water!

Does it Include a Mounted Rack?

Every pontoon grill needs a mounted rack. This is what allows it to affix to your boat, so you can use it on the water!

Some pontoon boats come with mounted racks pre-attached or ready to assemble. Others must be purchased separately.

To avoid disappointment, this is something you’ll always want to double-check!

Can You Choose its Color?

While its color is certainly not a grill’s most important aspect, it’s still something to consider. After all, you want it to match your boat’s overall appeal.

Or, maybe you just have a favorite color!

Here’s a pro tip: if a grill appears to be available in just one color, you can always search the product and see if other options come up. They aren’t always listed together!

Editor’s Choice

All 3 of these grills are truly top-notch, but when it comes down to it, we have to choose the Cuisinart Modified Pontoon Boat Grill as our winner!

This grill has it all, from its durable stainless steel craftsmanship to its swivel capability, to its padded brackets (to protect your railing), to its ease-of-install and streamlined look.

When all is said and done, the Cuisinart Modified Pontoon Boat Grill is without a doubt the best pontoon grill for cooking over the water!

Final Thoughts

So, what do you think? Do any of these top-notch pontoon grills catch your eye? Now you’ve got some great options, as well as a solid idea of what to look for. Best of luck!