Best GoPro & Action Cameras for Fishing

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gopro for fishing

If you’re a fisher, maybe you’ve considered documenting some of your adventures, to share, and to enjoy yourself later (when you’re feeling a bit homesick for the peace of the water). To do this, you’ll need an action camera and one that is suitably durable and water-proof.

The Latest Gopro 9 would be an awesome choice but I don’t know about you but I’m not sure I want to take such an expensive camera to the lake or pond. It’s by far the best camera on the market but it’s not cheap. Check the latest price here on Amazon.

Along with this, there are some other features that are highly sought-after. Take a look at some of the best GoPro for fishing, below!

GoPro Hero 8

GoPro HERO8 Black Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 1080p Live with Accessoy Bundle + 2 Extra GoPro USA Batteries Total 3 + Sandisk 64GB MicroSD U3 + Ritz Reader
Key Features
  • HyperSmooth 2.0
  • TimeWarp 2.0
  • 4K HD Resolution
  • SuperPhoto and Improved HDR
  • 4 Digital Lenses
  • Functions Above and Underwater
  • Mods

Along with an impressive 4K HD resolution, mod capability, the ___ also has SuperPhoto and improved HDR. This is an automatic setting that will improve the look of your photos (and you can turn it on or off).

Like GoPro Hero 7, the GoPro Hero 8 has Hypersmooth… better yet, it’s the 2.0 version. This means that the HyperSmooth is smoother than ever, and TimeWarp is more effective than ever! 

Deyard Accessories Kit for GoPro Hero 8 with Silicone Rubber Protective Case + 4pcs Ultra Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protector + 2pcs Display HD Lens Protector with GoPro Hero 8 Black

Finally, the GoPro Hero 8 has four digital lenses, which are Narrow Lense, Distortion View Linear Lens, Wide Lens, and SuperView (which is basically a nice fisheye lens).

  • Decent battery life (up to an hour per battery, and there are three batteries included)
  • It includes a handy SD card and card reader
  • Thanks to HyperSmooth 2.0, the footage is nice and clear
  • Customers like the effects of the SuperPhoto and HDR
  • Some mods must be purchased and some simply won’t work
  • Not suitable for more than 30 feet underwater (divers will need additional protective housing)

Customers praise the upgraded 2.0 HyperSmooth and TimeWarp 2.0, agreeing that, true to claim, they are better than ever. They also like the effects of the SuperPhoto and HDR, and that it includes an SD card and card reader.

The downside? If you’re purchasing it for the mods, be aware that sometimes, certain ones simply won’t work!

Victure AC920

Victure AC920 4K 60FPS Touch Screen Action Camera with 8X Zoom, Dual Microphone, Remote Control, Upgraded EIS, 40M Underwater Camera, PC Webcam with 2x1350mAh Batteries and Accessories Kit Included
Key Features
  • 6-Axis Gyroscope Technology
  • 4K HD
  • Remote Control (from up to 10 meters away)
  • Touchscreen
  • Wind-Noise Reduction
  • Wind-Noise Reduction
  • Dual Microphone
  • Functions Above or Underwater

You can control this 4K HD action camera with remote control (from up to 10 meters away).

The Victure AC920 has a touch screen, which is ultra-intuitive and user-friendly. You won’t have to worry about decoding a complex control panel. Thanks to this high-tech feature, taking footage with the action camera couldn’t be simpler!

The Victure AC920 also has special wind-noise reduction features, you can enjoy action camera audio that’s better than ever!

Finally, the Victure AC920 is designed to provide imagine stabilization, with built-in 6-axis gyroscope technology. As a result, it provides footage that is remarkably clear. Get some cool, high-quality angles of both the fish and yourself.

  • Customers appreciate the zoom x8
  • Has a super-useful wifi router
  • Boasts exceptional camera clarity
  • The touchscreen is nice and user-friendly
  • The sound quality is average for an action camera (which means it is fairly muffled)
  • A suitable SD card must be purchased Iconic Bodybuilding Champion and IFBB Hall of Famer, Ed Corney Has Passed Away – Generation Iron Fitness & Bodybuilding Network drostanolone propionate bodybuilding motivation – the pump separately

Overall, the Victure AC920 is a delightfully easy-to-use action camera, and it offers footage that is marvelously clear. It’s ideal for capturing footage both above and underwater, so next time you talk about the one that got away, you’ll have proof.

Just make sure you first invest in a proper SD card, and if you’re looking for pristine audio, don’t hold your breath (it’s still some of the best audio there is for an action camera, though).

GoPro Hero 7

GoPro Hero7 Black — Waterproof Action Camera with Touch Screen 4K Ultra HD Video 12MP Photos 720p Live Streaming Stabilization
Key Features
  • 4K HD
  • TimeWarp
  • HyperSmooth
  • Voice Control
  • SuperPhoto HDR

TimeWarp will slow the speed of your footage significantly, so you can zero-in on whatever you prefer. This is ideal if you are looking to capture some coral reefs as you pass by, or perhaps a friendly (often too-friendly) seagull flying near.

Or, it will slow down the flopping of a fish on your line so you can capture its shape and color with minimal distortion and blur.

HyperSmooth, on the other hand, serves to stabilize the footage (like an internal gimbal).

Without this, you’d get some nice footage of the color blue, but not much else, as the vibrations would scramble the image badly.

HyperSmooth will provide you with footage that is incomparably clear.

If you’re fishing, there are some vital moments where you will need your hands free. This is where Voice Control comes in. With 19 voice-commands, like ‘GoPro turn on,’ and ‘GoPro, take a photo,’ it’s possible to capture great footage even as you multi-task!

  • Customers praise the exceptional image clarity above all
  • The stabilization is excellent and has been compared to a gimbal
  • TimeWarp can prove very useful
  • Long battery life
  • Livestreaming is in 1080p rather than 4K
  • No front viewer screen like the Gopro 9

Customers have been most impressed by the HyperSmooth feature, which truly does adapt to vibrations and movements to deliver footage that is exceptionally clear. It’s a thing of wonder.

The biggest complaint is that the battery life is rather short, and while recorded footage can be viewed at 4K, live footage is only shown in 1080p.

Customers also appreciate the SuperPhoto HDR, which gives the photos a really distinct and cool look!

Buyer’s Guide

To find a great action camera on your own, what should you look for?

Decent Audio

When it comes to action cameras like GoPros, you shouldn’t expect too much audio-wise. When a camera is underwater, there’s naturally going to be a lot of noise that has proved (so far) impossible to cut out entirely. So, with this in mind, you can look for action cameras with particularly good audio (such as the Victure AC920).

A Reasonable Battery Life

If you’re out on the waves or underwater, you’re not going to want your camera to die on you all of the sudden. Recharging then would hardly be convenient, would it? So, pay attention to the battery life listed on potential action cameras you’re looking at. Some will have a shorter battery life but come with a few rechargeable batteries as a trade-off.

Top-Notch Stabilization

This is perhaps the most important feature in an action camera that you will want to look for. If an action camera lacks the proper stabilization, all that you will see is a bunch of distortion and movement blur.

Quality stabilization features will keep the footage reasonably crisp and clear!

Voice Control or Remote Control

While you’re fishing, there are sure to be some times that you’ll need your hands free. If you want to still be able to take footage during these times, what you’ll want is voice control. Or, if you simply want to be able to sit back away from the camera, remote control capability. These are two super-convenient features you can keep an eye out for.

Editor’s Choice

When all is said and done, our Editor’s Choice would have to be the GoPro Hero 8. This is a fantastic upgrade on a classic, top-quality action camera that’s made it’s best features even better. We love HyperSmooth and TimeWarp 2.0, and with four different lenses, you can really customize your view!

What do you think? Do any of these action cameras catch your eye?


As you can see, the best action cameras have a lot to offer. You can capture live action and watch in HD, and apply SuperPhoto and HD for an even crisper look!

With today’s innovations, you can even manage your action camera with voice control or via remote control. What more can you ask?