Arizona Fishing License Information

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Arizona is one of the major water recreation spots in the US. The state boasts vast waters that host some of the most sought-after fishes.

This has attracted more anglers from far and within to come experience the incredible fishing sport.

And as more people continue to trickle in to catch fish, the state has to regulate angling activities in their waters.

The state has an agency—the Arizona Game and Fish Department, that sets rules and regulations for the sport in AZ.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department works towards sustainability by conserving natural resources to ensure present, and future generations can enjoy the richness of Arizona waters.

As a result, the agency requires all anglers to have a license before undertaking any fishing activity in their waters.

The article will discuss all things you need to know about the Arizona fishing license and other rules and regulations anglers need to follow to ensure sustainable fishing.

Arizona Fishing License Age Requirements

Just like any other state, anglers in Arizona require a license to undertake any fishing activities. 

A fishing license applies to both residents and non-residents. The state has one of the youngest age requirements in the country.

Anglers—residents or non-residents as young as ten years can purchase a license and fish in any publicly accessible water in Arizona.

Children under ten years old are not allowed to buy a fishing license.

License and Fee Structure

LicenseResident FeeNon-resident Fee
General Fishing$37$55
General Hunting$37N/A
Combo Hunt & Fish$57$160
Youth Combo Hunt & Fish$5$5
Short-Term Combo Hunt & Fish$15/day$20/day
Community Fishing$24$24
Migratory Bird Stamp$5$5

Where Can I Buy a Fishing License in Arizona?

Anglers in Arizona can buy a fishing license from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

You can get your fishing license either online or in person from licensed dealers. 

There are more than 2,000 license dealers in Arizona.

Quickly download a list of licensed dealers in the state sorted by city location.

Lost License Replacement

A destroyed or lost license can be replaced at any Arizona Game and  Fish Department for a fee that depends on the type of license.

Anglers who want to apply for a duplicate license must assign an affidavit to attest that they bought an original license.

Licenses bought online or through the department offices can be reprinted any time free of charge.

Hunting and Fishing License and Stamps

All licenses and stamps purchased from the Arizona Game and Fish Department, either online or from statewide license dealers are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

Arizona federal duck stamps and migratory bird stamps are valid starting July 1 until June 30 of the following year.

Complimentary Licenses

Individuals must meet the requirements to qualify for a free fishing license Arizona Game and Fish Department.

A free license may include combination hunting and other community fishing privileges. 

Below are some free Arizona fishing licenses anglers can qualify for.

Disabled Veteran

Certification from the veteran’s administration is mandatory for the applicant.

The certificate must indicate permanent service-related disability, which should be rated100 % disabling.

The disabled must also be a bonafide Arizona resident for one or more consecutive years, which should precede your license application immediately.

Pioneer License

Applicants must be 70 years or older. You must also be a bonafide Arizona resident for 25 consecutive years immediately preceding the license application.

Apprentice Hunting License

The apprentice hunting license is free for existing anglers and hunters who wish to serve as fishing mentors.

Other tasks as a mentor include introducing as many people as possible to the traditions and importance of fishing and hunting. 

The apprentice hunting license is valid for any two consecutive days for a legal take of predatory and non-game mammals, fur-bearing, non-game birds, and other non-water fowl game birds.

Applicants must meet a minimum age requirement of 18 years and have a valid fishing and hunting license obtained from the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

The license is free for Arizona residents and non-residents.

Girl Scout and Boy Scout High Achievement License

Scouts with high-level achievements in their organizations and aged 20 and above qualify for a special discount when buying a combination hunting and fishing license.

These scouts must present proper documents to the licensing agency to be eligible for the discount.


All anglers who wish to enjoy the fishing sport in Arizona must procure an Arizona fishing license as the first requirement. 

The Arizona Game and Fish Department is the only authorized agency that issues the permit to anglers through online purchase or in-person buying from its statewide dealers.

However, it’s also important to learn other rules and regulations to preserve an ethical angling culture.

For instance, anglers need to know about catch and release practices before stepping in any waters to catch fish.

Understanding such tools and tips helps ensure that fish released back in the water can survive and breed for catching in future by other anglers.