3 Best Gas Powered Ice Augers ( 2021 Updated Review )

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Best Gas Powered Ice Augers

We’ve searched for the Best Gas Powered Ice Augers, and selected the top 3.

These are the best of the best, and unmatched when it comes to efficiency, comfort, affordability, and raw, ice-drilling power! Our favorite?

The ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger, for its unmatched speed and power!

#3 Nordic Legend 33cc Power Ice Auger

Nordic Legend 33cc Power Ice Auger and Portable Two Man Shelter Combo
Key Features
  • High carbon steel blades
  • 33 cc two cycle engine
  • Bonus 2-man 300D fabric shelter
  • Includes ice blade cover
  • 8-inch auger
  • Cold weather start feature
  • Ultra-durable
  • Fast and powerful
  • Bonus shelter
  • Cold weather start feature is invaluable for an ice fisher
  • Handy ice blade cover
  • If upside down the gas cap may leak

Out of all of the gas-powered ice augers, this is the best that comes with a shelter!

The auger itself is top-of-the-line, with high-carbon steel blades that positively chew through the ice.

To maximize the longevity of this super-sharp blade, the Nordic Legend 33cc Power Ice Auger also comes with a durable blade cover.

The blade is 8-inches, to carve a hole wide enough to slip even the fattest catch through quickly. The smooth cut keeps the line or fish from catching, which can be a real lifesaver!

As far as life-savers go, the cold weather start feature is also sure to come in handy.

This will ensure the Nordic Legend 33cc Power Ice Auger will never disappoint, no matter how frigid the weather!

All of this is powered by a 33 cc two-cycle engine, and to top it all off, the Nordic Legend 33cc Power Ice Auger comes with a bonus 2-man 300D fabric shelter.

With this gas-powered ice auger you can fish efficiently, and in comfort, no matter the weather!

#2 Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Auger

Eskimo P1R08 P1 8
Key Features
  • 40CC, high-compression four-cycle engine
  • Protective foam handlebar
  • Holds a one-pound propane cylinder
  • Easy-pull no-prime recoil
  • 26 pounds only
  • Cast-bottom rocket auger
  • Fast and powerful
  • Propane is a cleaner and more low maintenance fuel
  • Comfortable and protective handlebar
  • Operates smoothly and quietly
  • Lightweight
  • Assembly requires a wrench and could be easier
  • Rarely known to freeze up in below 0 weather

The Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Auger is outfitted with a 40CC, high compression four-cycle engine, for maximum power!

This allows it to drill through ice rapidly and virtually seamlessly, with minimal noise or effort. Reviewers highly praise how many holes they were able to drill with just one tank!

A comfortable experience is provided by a foam-padded handlebar. As a bonus, the handlebar is made of tough aluminum and designed to protect the engine and unit itself.

The Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Auger can hold a one-pound propane cylinder. Compared to gasoline, propane burns more cleanly and is easier to transport.

Finally, the Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Auger is just 26-pounds and has an easy-pull recoil. In a great gas-powered ice auger, there’s not a lot more you can ask for!

#1 ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger

THUNDERBAY B52 Ice Auger Powerhead with 10 Inch Auger
Key Features
  • Extra large 10-inch diameter auger
  • High-carbon steel cutting blades
  • Oversize recoil
  • 52cc two-cycle engine for optimum power
  • Thunderbay Coldstart Super Charger
  • Can wear gloves while using oversize recoil
  • Engine is super-powerful
  • Extra large auger
  • Super-handy ThunderBay Coldstart Super Charger
  • Blades stay nice and sharp (good longevity)
  • Uses minimal fuel
  • A bit heavy (most say well worth it, however)

The ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger starts off strong with an extra-large 10-inch diameter auger. Its blades are crafted from the finest, sharpest high-carbon steel.

These are powered by a supercharged 52 cc two-cycle engine, for exceptional speed and power!

This gas-powered auger doesn’t stint on the details, either. To accommodate any gloves you might wear in the cold, it features an oversize recoil.

Even more important, for extra-cold days, it has a backup ThunderBay Coldstart Super Charger!

While the ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger is said to be a bit on the heavier side, nearly all reviewers agree that it’s well worth it.

This is one of the most reliable, best gas powered ice augers out there, and what’s more, it uses minimal fuel.

Gas Powered Auger – Buyers Information

There are countless gas-powered ice augers out there. What’s an ice fisher to do?

How can you tell which is best, really?

That’s what this little buyer’s guide we put together is for. When it comes to finding a truly great ice auger, here are the primary things you should consider!

Is it Lightweight?

While it’s not absolutely essential, it can certainly be helpful when a gas-powered auger is lightweight.

Clearly, this will make transporting it, carrying it, and of course, drilling with it, a lot easier.

The best gas-powered auger should ideally be a balance of weight and power!

There are exceptions, such as with the ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger. While it’s a bit heavier than reviewers might prefer, it’s virtually unparalleled when it comes to raw, fast, cutting power!

THUNDERBAY B52 Ice Auger Powerhead with 10 Inch Auger

What’s the Blade Made Of?

Any ice auger worth its salt should be crafted from ultra-tough, super-sharp stainless steel.

As you may have learned, chopping ice fishing holes manually, ice can be as hard as a rock!

Anything less than steel has a high chance of bending or losing its edge, and could ultimately break. On the other hand, you can always depend on good, old-fashioned high-carbon steel.

What’s its Required Fuel?

With any gas-powered product, you’ll of course want to know the type of fuel it requires.

Gas-powered ice augers tend to run on gasoline or propane.

The latter is given a bit of preference due to how cleanly and quietly it burns comparatively, and because transporting to small propane canisters is considered easier!

This being said, gasoline is often cheaper. So, in this case, it really comes down to what you prefer!

How Fast Does it Work?

This is one aspect you’ll definitely want to consider, but that you’ll probably want to look at reviews for.

Every company will claim that their gas-powered ice auger is the fastest.

The reviews will tell. Look for reviews that state how many holes they were able to carve in a certain amount of time, for example (this is a detail that reviewers often share, so it should be easy!).

Best Gas Powered Ice Augers

Of course, the speed of a gas-powered ice auger is also based on engine power. Don’t neglect to look for an engine that’s got plenty of power!

Is it Comfortable (At Least Reasonably)?

The best ice auger should always come with a comfortable, ergonomic grip and handlebar.

This will protect your hands from any vibrations and jostling, making for a more pleasant ice-drilling experience and ice fishing trip overall.

Additionally, some handlebars are designed to protect the engine as well (such as those on the Eskimo Propane Rocket Ice Auger).

Is the Price Right?

As money doesn’t grow on trees, any potential buyer will want to consider the cost. Gas-powered ice augers typically have price tags around $200-$400.

It’s no wonder, as they’re powerful and effective as hell. They can turn the hole-drilling part of ice fishing into quick work!

You might be more interested in those on the lower end of the price spectrum, however!

How Loud is it (The Quieter the Better)?

This is one thing some may not think to consider. Engines in general can be a bit noisy, and you wouldn’t want to scare all of the fish off.

So, you’ll probably want one of the gas-powered that’s known to run quieter.

Most companies don’t list the noise level as a detail, so this is another factor that you’ll need to look at reviews for!

Editors Choice: THUNDERBAY B52 Ice Auger Powerhead with 10 Inch Auger

Latest price on Amazon here

So, why did we pick the ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger as #1?

Because it’s so powerful (thanks to a state-of-the-art 52cc two-cycle engine and blades crafted from high carbon steel).

It seems to cut the widest holes (10-inches to the usual 6-8-inches), the fastest.

What’s more, it’s built for comfort, and it’s nice and economical as it’s reasonable upfront and uses minimal fuel.

If you’re on the market for an exceptional gas-powered ice auger, the ThunderBay B52 Ice Auger is certainly worth a look!

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been unsure how to go about a semi-big purchase like a gas-powered ice auger, well, now you know!

You want the right weight, power, speed, material (and durability), comfort, and fuel.

Armed with a bit of knowledge, you can continue your search for your dream gas-powered ice auger without fear!