Ibobber Vs Deeper: Who aces the race?

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Are you in search of the best fish finder? Well, the internet is loaded with a myriad of fish finder options from different brands. However, fishers still find it challenging to pick the right brand owing to their fierce competition. Thus, we are here to help you choose the best brand among Ibobber vs. Deeper to select the one that caters to your needs well easily!

Ibobber Vs Deeper

We have created this ultimate comparison that will act as a basis for selecting the apt fish finder. By the end of this guide, you will be able to get clarity of each brand’s unique and classy features that make them stand out from the rest. 

So, are you ready to get insights about the different features of both brands? Keep reading further to get all the detailed information handy and learn which brand among Ibobber vs. Deeper wins!

About Ibobber Brand 

Ibobber Brand

For all the enthusiastic fishers out there, the Ibobber by ReelSonar has you covered. It is a portable and wireless Bluetooth smart fishfinder, or in other words, a fisher’s best friend. It uses SONAR technology to help you locate where the fish are and how you could catch it so you can wipe the crease of worry off your forehead.

The latest technological advancements enable the Ibobber to work in both saltwater as well as freshwater. No matter the water body’s structure, be it a pond or a lake, a stream, or a river, the Ibobber fish finders would not let you down.

Some advanced features of the Ibobber include:

Ibobber Features
  • Marks Fish: The Ibobber marks the fish’s location so that you do not have to spend hours on end waiting in a fishless spot
  • Fish Depth: It measures how far the fish is so that you can aptly throw your swivel and catch fish instantly without missing.
  • Water Temperature: With its inbuilt thermometer, the Ibobber can tell you the water temperature so that you know what to expect
  • Water-bed Mapping: The Ibobber maps the entire water bed of the water body you are fishing to have an idea of the surroundings
  • GPS Spot Tagging: Equipped with the Best Marine GPS, the location finder of the Ibobber fishfinder marks and tags the spots where the fish are
  • Fish Alarm: The sensing of fish movement in water will sound an alarm so that you won’t miss any opportunity
  • Social Media Sharing: Share your experience of the catching of trout with the world of social media
  • Trip Log: Remember all the dates and times when you caught which variety of fish as the trip log feature keeps track of the date, time, location, water temperature, number, and species of fish found.

About Deeper Brand

Deeper Brand

With Deeper fish finder, no angle is out of reach, and no fish is uncatchable. Capture your trout with convenience and efficiency with the advanced SONAR technology of Deeper. Simply pair the Wi-Fi connection of Deeper with your smartphone or tablet to find all the fish you can catch in the broadest range possible.

No waiting for action now, because Deeper works to map all the water bodies you wish to fish in so that you can come home with trout and pride.

The features that make Deeper smart and efficient are:

Deeper Features
  • Powerful Wireless Connections: With stable wireless connection without the use of network connection or internet, Deeper can work to locate fish in the broadest casting range.
  • Detailed Information: The Deeper fishfinder tells you all about the depth, contour, fish location, and so much more. You can map the water bodies and locate hotspots to catch trout.
  • Learn and Improve with Records:he Deeper keeps track of every fish you catch and the location you catch it in. Being the best fish finder with maps, it saves the scans and maps of the water bodies so that the archives can help you understand where you can catch more and how.

Ibobber vs. Deeper: General Features Comparisons

Wondering how to look for the best fish finder with all these options flooding the market? The following features comparisons between the top brands of fish finders – Ibobber vs. Deeper – can make it easier to choose. Both brands have great products with their strengths and weaknesses, and we are here to get details on what is what.

1. Battery Life

Ibobber Charging

It is important to consider battery life because fishing can take hours. While most have a long battery life, some go far and beyond on charging technology while others have enhanced battery back-up.

When it comes to battery life, Ibobber takes the wager because of its extraordinary 10 hours+ battery life. It comes with a charge status indicator light to ensure that the appliance will be ready for extended use in no time.

Enhanced battery backup is supported by smart Bluetooth sync up from a distance of 100′. The Deeper staggers a little low with up to 6 hours of battery life. So the battery life battle is won by Ibobbeer.

A part of the battery is the charging technology, which is swayed the other way. The Deeper comes with rapid charging technology. In mere 45 minutes, the battery recharges up to 80 percent and a 100 percent recharge with only 75 minutes of charging so you can go in no time.

2. Scanning Range

ibobber Scanning Range

The more extensive the scanning range, the more area can be mapped, increasing the chance of catching fish. The scanning range of the two brands differs by almost double with Deeper Fish Finder taking the lead.

The Deeper comes with accurate scanning up to 330 feet while the feature in Ibobber provides a depth range of only 135 feet. This discrepancy may be attributed to the high sonar scanning rate of 15 scans per second by the Deeper Fish Finder. It has outstanding target separation so you can locate holding spots in a vast casting range. Even in shallow waters, you can distinguish fish from other clatter noise because of the advance and precise readings as close as 6 feet near the water surface.

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3. App Support

The clarity of what you see on the screens and how easy it is to understand determines the friendliness of the fish finders. With detailed information presented to you about all the aspects of the environment you are fishing in, the two brands fight a neck to neck battle in app support.

Ibobber Application

Because they make use of Bluetooth and stable wireless connections, they are compatible with specific software. Deeper Fish App is found to be compatible with both Android 5.0 and iOS 11.0 till their latest versions.

The Ibobber App connects Android 6.0 and iOS 11.0 along with all the latest versions later using Bluetooth Smart (4.0). Beyond smartphones, the Ibobber app is also compatible with Google and Apple Watch.

The Deeper App displays crystal clear visuals so that you can clearly distinguish baitfish from predator fish. It also offers a choice between visuals for perfect display in differing weather conditions.

Clear as day, you can see vegetation, fish, structure, and even bottom hardness and consistency. The Ibobber App shows precise water-bed mapping, fish depth, and location.

4. Mapping

Deeper Mapping

Mapping tells you about underwater topography, such as the hardness and consistency of the water-bed, the depth of the water body, vegetation, texture, etc. The ability of mapping is essential in fish finders to help know what type of fish you are likely to catch in which terrain.

The Ibobber Fish Finder has advanced technology for mapping the water-bed and contours to segregate fish from other things.when it comes to mapping, the Ibobber hits all the right marks. It has GPS Spot Tagging so that you can save the scanning and mapping of the area. The interactive map makes scanning more readable and understandable.

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The Deeper fishfinders use the best fish finder GPS combo as a mapping feature for continuous Bathymetric mapping and scanning. During this, you can also save spots that you would especially like to go to or spots you wish to avoid. The mapping works accordingly. It even gives appropriate information and readings about the fish you are luring to ensure you catch the fish you want rather than waste time and effort on the wrong type.

5. Reliability

When it comes to reliability, you need to ensure that the device makes a stable connection with your smartphone so that you are not stuck with a spotty and unreliable connection that could give way. The Ibobber sways the ball in its court in this arena because it uses smart Bluetooth to connect with a device even 100 feet away. The Deeper is not much behind with secure connections it makes with the smartphone using Wi-Fi. The stability of the link remains reliable until about 300 feet.

Deeper Battery

Another aspect of reliability that must be considered when looking for the best portable fish finder is the clarity and reliability of images and scans. Some fish finders might mark movement, and a long time and hard efforts later, it may turn out to be water slug. 

Deeper is way ahead of it, and its scannings and mappings are reliable. It even lets you segregate predator fish from baitfish and bottom huggers from bottom contour with extremely vivid visuals. It has a scanning rate of 15 scans per second to ensure this reliability.

The Ibobber reduces glare with high contrast images so that the visuals remain reliable in scorching light. It has fish alarms that are pretty reliable, too, to know when fish is around.

6. Additional Features

One of the most fantastic features of the Ibobber is social media sharing, which allows you to share your findings with others with a single click right at the moment of discovery. Furthermore, it has a fish alarm that sounds up when it detects fish movement. 

Also, the fishfinders come with features that reduce glare and make the visuals of maximum clarity. It can work as both a bobber and a fish finder, so it is multi-functional. It also has a feature of differentiating the fish it detects based on size.

The list for additional features built-in the Deepers’ fish finders does not run short either. It has three beam frequencies that help to find fish in different holding spots, near or far. This adds to the versatility. It has a unique feature of locating vegetation because that is where maximum fishes go. 

Moreover, the Deepers’ Lakebook stores archives of every scan or bathymetric map so that you can create a log for future references. The speedy charging technology is a fascinating welcome feature.

7. Size and Weight

Because we are making comparisons between portable fish finders, size, and weight can make all the difference. The more lightweight and yet sturdy a fish finder is, it adds to convenience and durability.

Deeper Features

The Deeper and the Ibobber fishfinders are both quite adequately lightweight, which makes them easily portable. The Ibobber is so small that it could fit in a pocket. Weighing only 1.7 ounces with a small diameter of about 2.3 inches, it is handy. The Deeper is not much bigger with a diameter of only 2.4 inches. It weighs approximately 3 ounces and is easy to carry.

8. Power

The energy consumption of fish finders can affect fishing for longer hours as well as the energy efficiency of the appliance. The Ibobber poses no threat of extreme battery consumption even though it makes use of Bluetooth. It uses a weaker connection despite being stable so that energy consumption is to a minimum. This helps the battery of your device as well as that of the Ibobber last long.

The Deeper makes use of a Wi-Fi connection and works as a hotspot. It is not much of a battery drainer but is less efficient than Ibobber. Its fast charging technology adds to minimal energy consumption at a faster rate.

9. Connectivity

The Ibobber has the most excellent connectivity features as it can form a stable connection from about 100 feet afar. It uses low energy Bluetooth to connect easily to nearby devices and is very user friendly, so you do not need to be tech-savvy to figure it out. 

It is compatible not just with smartphones but also with tablets, ipads, Apple, and Google watches so that there is no restriction on the device you wish to use to find fish as per your convenience.

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Deeper makes stable connections with your devices using Wi-Fi without using much battery. It is suggested that you turn off all other connections for a reliable connection that can withstand a distance of 330 feet even. Also, this allows for a wider casting range while maintaining strong connectivity and no compromise on visual clarity.

10. Fish Finding Capabilities

You look for fish finders to find fish. So it is essential that the appliances make sure that finding fish is made convenient and hassle-free and even speedy. For this, the Ibobber and the Deeper brands fight in tough and tied battles. Both provide features better than the other that make fishing less of a botheration and only sheer fun.

How Kayak Works

The 330 feet casting range of the Deeper make it very easy and fast to look for fish. It has versatile ranges to locate fish in shallow waters as well as the bottom huggers. It has clear visuals that help you distinguish predator fish from baitfish.

It even has a feature to look for vegetation because they are a significant holding place for fishes. The high tech SONAR that Deeper uses makes target separation easy. Even ice fishing is made convenient with this appliance.

With a smaller but exact casting range, Ibobber fishfinder also works with advanced fish finding capabilities. It has a fish alarm that is sounded upon detection of a fish. It also categorizes these discoveries based on size. The latest addition to the Ibobber is the fish siren, which calls the fish to it.

Ibobber Vs. Deeper: Comparison table

CharacteristicsDeeper CHIRPDeeper CHIRPDeeper PRODeeper StartiBobberiBobber KrakeniBobber Pulse
USP (Unique Selling Proposition)CHIRP technology with 3 beam frequencies and Super-fast chargeDual frequency scanning ability with better compatibilityDual frequency scanningSuitable for families and casual anglersLED beaconLED beacon with flasher modeUnique FISHSIREN technology
SONAR Depth Range330 ft260 ft260 ft165 ft135 ft135 ft135 ft
SONAR Beam AngleWide Cone Angle: 47o Medium Cone Angle:16o Narrow Cone Angle:7oWide Cone Angle: 55oNarrow Cone Angle: 15oWide Cone Angle: 55oNarrow Cone Angle: 15oCone Angle:40oCone Angle:42oCone Angle:42oCone Angle:40o
Size2.5-inch diameter2.5-inch diameter2.5-inch diameter2.3-inch diameter2.3-inch diameter2.3-inch diameter2.3-inch diameter
Weight3.2 oz3.5 oz3.5 oz2.3 oz1.7oz1.7oz1.7oz
Battery Operating Time6 hours 6 hours6 hoursUp to 6 hoursOver 10 hours Over 10 hoursOver 10 hours
Wireless connection technologyWi-FiWi-FiWi-FiWi-FiBluetooth Smart SyncBluetooth Smart SyncBluetooth Smart Sync
Connection Range330 ft330 ft330 ft165 ft100 ft100 ft100 ft
GPS MappingBathymetric MappingBathymetric MappingBathymetric MappingWaterbed & Structure contour mappingWaterbed & Structure contour mappingWaterbed & Structure contour mapping
Fishing type suitabilityBoat, Ice, Shore, Kayak/SUPBoat, Ice, Shore, KayakBoat, Ice, Shore, KayakOn-shoreShore, Dock, Kayak/SUP, Ice, NightShore, Dock, Kayak/SUP, Ice, NightShore, Dock, Kayak/SUP, Ice, Night
Warranty5 Year Limited Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty2 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty1 Year Limited Warranty
Compatibility1. iOS 11 and above2. Android 5.0 and above1. iOS 11 and above2. Android 5.0 and above1. iOS 10 and above2. Android 5.0 and above1. iOS 11 and above2. Android 5.0 and above1. iOS 6 and above2. Android 4.3 and above1. iOS 6 and above2. Android 4.3 and above1. iOS 6 and above2. Android 4.3 and above

Our Reviews

For Ibobber 

Ibobber Vs Deeper

After carefully examining all the features of products of this brand and its features, we are finally at the review stage. It is found that it has numerous features, but still, it doesn’t bestow as much as the Deeper brand. Therefore, we give this brand 4.2 out of 5.

For Deeper

Deeper Chirp plus

Deeper’s products are all equipped with ravishing features such as high portability, advanced scanning, etc., all of them better than ibobber in many ways. Therefore, we have rated it with 4.6 stars out of 5.


Q1. How is a fish finder display used to identify fish?

Answer: Fishfinders use fish-ID technology that is very easy to understand and interpret. The best fish finders will show you icons of fish which will differ in size and shape. They will even help you identify the schools of fish from rocks and plants. You can understand the fish icons easily, but sometimes, the fish-ID might not provide accurate results. With practice, you will learn to use fish finders and understand fish-ID better.

Q2. How can you find baitfish?

Answer: Most fishfinders display baitfish as dots, dashes, or even lines. A group of baitfish will be shown as balls. The fish are indicated by the color yellow in contrast to the vegetation, which is indicated with the color green. The size of the arches does not indicate fish size. It only displays the swimming area of the fish. So it should not be used to identify baitfish from others.

Q3. Why is vegetation necessary to map?

Answer: Vegetation provides food and shelter to the fish and often becomes the holding place of many. So, many fishfinders have features for mapping and scanning vegetation areas. It is essential to separate vegetation from weeds. The vertical lines on the fish finders show it.

Q4. How to use fish finders to determine the type of bottom?

Answer: When the fishfinder displays a thicker, bolder line, it has encountered a bottom that is less porous and very hard. However, when the lines displayed are thin and light, this means that the water bottom is soft like clay. The color of the lines also may differ in different types of bottoms. The darker the color, the stronger is the echo received by the fishfinder.

Q5. How to set up a fish finder safely?

Answer: Before using it, it is important to ensure that you have charged the portable fishfinder to the maximum for longer use. You then need to switch on the fish finder and connect it with your smart device. It is then placed in water, and the app is opened to begin scanning. When the display shows fish icons, you can start fishing at the spot.

Alternative Models

Editor’s Choice Winner Announcement Time!

We all have waited for this moment. After reading the complete analysis of iBobber Vs. Deeper brand, we happily announce Deeper brand as the winner of this battle with fair points in connectivity, reliability, accurate fish finding capabilities, product warranty, etc.

All the products under Deeper are marked as the best affordable fishfinders with its exclusive scanning and bathymetric mapping. It is truly a great choice for all fishers who are searching for “how to catch more fish?”

Deepers’ fishfinders are robust and come with a smart technology that makes it the ultimate brand choice. We highly recommend this brand for its precise scanning and clear target separation. You can also compare it with other brands and get the most portable fishfinder handy!