Best Ice Auger for a Cordless Drill

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Cordless drills are far easier to carry on and off the ice and perform well if used with a good cordless drill auger unit.

The quicker you can bore a hole and start fishing the better.

So choosing the correct auger bit for your cordless drill is essential.

If you’re looking for the best ice auger for a cordless drill, I can help.

The Nordic Legend E-Drill auger has long been know as one of the best augers for cordless drills for all thicknesses of ice.

Let me explain why.

#1 Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit

Key Features
  • Durable and super-sharp dual steel blades
  • Universal
  • Sturdy blade protector
  • Nylon flighting and aluminum stem (ultra-lightweight)
  • Cuts through ice like butter
  • Great durability overall
  • Conveniently universal
  • Includes a blade protector
  • Lightweight
  • Cuts through ice like butter
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Economical
  • Ocasionally the blade may break
  • The cover has also been known to break

First and foremost, the Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit boasts exceptional drilling power.

In fact, a few reviewers said it cut through ice like butter! If that’s not a shining recommendation, we don’t know what is.

With an ice auger like this, you’ll have less than half the work that you would with a manual auger.

This will spare you some elbow grease, and is also an excellent time-saver!

As a fisherman, daylight can be very important for vision and comfort. So, getting the hole-drilling out of the way and starting fishing much faster has a definite appeal.

Dual steel blades are responsible for this raw cutting power.

Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit - Cordless Nylon Ice Drill Auger with Centering Point (6")

They chew through the ice with little effort and are supported by an aluminum stem with nylon lighting (materials that are nice and lightweight).

The Nordic Legend E-Drill Unitis universal, and compatible with most brands of18v-20v 1/2-inch drill chuck. This makes it all the more convenient for the user!

Last but not least, the Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit comes with a longevity-enhancing blade protector.

All in all, it may very well be the best ice auger for cordless drill. At the very least, it’s well worth a look!

Ice Augers for Cordless Drill – Buyers Guide

If you’re looking the best ice auger for cordless drill to make ice fishing easier, you’re on the right track!

One of these state-of-the-art devices will make drilling holes in the ice simpler than ever.

All that you need to do is point the auger, start it up, and watch as it turns a lengthy chore into quick work!

What’s it Made Of?

Any ice auger worth its salt should be crafted from only the toughest steel. High-carbon alloys are particularly good to look for.

As you probably know, steel is used for all kinds of heavy-duty functions.

It can make quick work of many materials, from softer metals to wood to ice – steel is sure to do the trick!

Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit - Cordless Nylon Ice Drill Auger with Centering Point (6")

While it’s not strictly necessary, it’s also always a nice touch to have a handle made of comfortable rubber, soft, molded plastic, foam, or something similar.

What Size is the Auger?

Next, you’ll want to have some idea of the size of the ice auger you’re looking for.

These are usually from 6-inches to 10-inches, and larger augers tend to work a bit slower. As a trade-off, you’ll also have more fishing space, however.

On the other hand, smaller augers tend to be a bit easier to use and typically cut holes faster!

Is it Adequately Lightweight?

How much does the ice auger in question weigh? Electric ice augers are generally more lightweight than their gas-powered counterparts, as they’ve no need for a full fuel tank.

Alternately, they each have a single, powerful battery. With this in mind, the ice auger you choose should not be excessively heavy.

Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit - Cordless Nylon Ice Drill Auger with Centering Point (6")

For those carrying their augers out onto the ice with them, this can be really inconvenient and is often considered a deal-breaker. Go for a reasonably lightweight, yet still powerful auger!

Does it Come with a Blade Protector?

It’s always nice when an ice auger comes with a blade protector.

This will help prevent you from getting nicked on it when it’s set aside, and it will shield the blades from a great deal of wear and tear.

A blade protector can increase the longevity of an ice auger blade considerably (so the need for replacement is not as frequent, increasing the auger’s reliability).

Does it Have a Good Battery-Life?

A cordless drill runs without a cord, so it can be taken anywhere, on the ice included.

Clearly, this is a necessity for an ice fisher!

Who has a long enough cord, and doesn’t that sound inconvenient? Instead, cordless drill ice augers run on good, old-fashioned battery power.

So, make sure to choose an auger that has a long battery life, so you can fish uninterrupted for as long as possible.

Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit - Cordless Nylon Ice Drill Auger with Centering Point (6")

Another plus of a battery-powered auger is that it will scare fewer fish away than one with gas power, as it’s naturally quieter!

How Well Does it Cut? (How Fast)

Next to durability, the most important thing in an ice auger is how well it cuts. This is its primary purpose, after all, and it should be excellent at it.

If your ice auger is struggling to cut ice, it may be time for one that’s just better! You can find out how well an ice auger truly cuts by reading reviews, and by considering its material (again, the sharpest, best option is steel).

So, now you know how to decide between ice augers to choose the best ice auger with cordless drill.

What you want is a lightweight yet durable ice auger, fast-working, and made of sturdy steel.

The Nordic Legend E-Drill Unit is one of the top ice augers with cordless drill, meeting all of the above requirements, and more.

It’s a great choice if you’re looking to cut through ice quickly – as fast as a knife through butter!