Beaver Lake Fishing (Beaver Lake fishing regulations and guide)

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beaver lake fishing

Fishing is a relaxing way to spend the day, not to mention the fulfillment when you make a great catch. 

It is also a fun way to bond with friends and family while also appreciating the harmony of nature.

If you are planning a fish trip on Beaver Lake, here’s what you need to know. 

Beaver Lake at a glance

Beaver Lake is an artificial water reservoir in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, along the White River. 

The lake was formed to help control flooding after the Great Flood in 1927, and construction was completed in 1966. 

This expanse of clear water measures 28 000 acres and is an attraction for those that enjoy fishing, watersports, and nature lovers who want to soak in the ambiance. 

Beaver lake fishing is popular with locals and people on vacation.

There are various fish to challenge your angling skills for the avid anglers, including fish like  striper, bass, bream, crappie, channel, spoonbill catfish, and trout.

When can you go fishing on Beaver Lake?

Because there is a diversity of fish, you can fish on the lake throughout the year. 

Fishing attracts a substantial population to the lake annually, from individual anglers and family fishing trips to fishing tournaments.

However, some fish are seasonal, so if you plan to catch any of those fish, you will need to do some research on the fish seasons on Beaver lake. 

Plus, the regulations don’t allow you to catch out-of-season fish to preserve fish life.

For example, Muskellunge fish are only available from May to December each year. 

If you want to fish for Striper fish, wintertime or just at the beginning of spring is the best time to make a good catch. 

Both day and night fishing are allowed on Beaver lake

Regulations for fishing on Beaver lake

Although fishing is an enjoyable activity, it is also essential to maintain a balance in the ecosystem. 

As such, regulations have been put in place to avoid bringing an imbalance to the fish population on the lake. 

You have to possess a valid Arkansas fishing license for fishing on the lake.

Below are some guidelines for the amount of species of fish that you are allowed to catch:

  • Catfish – daily bag limit of 10 fish, but not minimum length limit. Catfish can be caught on the lake all year round.
  • Panfish – these include bluegill, pumpkinseed, sunfish, crappie, and yellow perch. The daily bag limit is 25, and there are no minimum length limits. These varieties are open to catch all year round.
  • Largemouth bass– these are caught between June of one year to March of the following year. The proper minimum length is 14 inches, and the bag limit per day is 5.
  • Smallmouth bass – this type of fish may be caught between May and June of each year, but only on a catch and release basis.
  • Muskellunge and hybrids – these are fished between May and December annually. The minimum permissible length limit is 40 inches, and the daily bag limit is one fish.
  • Northern pike – these fish are caught between May of one year and March of the following year. There are no limits as to length, but the daily bag limit is 5.
  • Trout – this variety is in abundance in the lake, and there are no limitations for seasons to fish or the quantity you can get.
  • Walleye, sauger, and hybrids – fish have to be a minimum length of 15 inches, but varieties between 20 inches and 24 inches are on a catch and release basis. You can only keep one fish if you catch anything over 24 inches. The daily bag limit for these fish is 3.
  • Bullheads – this variety can be fished all year round, and there are no limits for length or quantity.
  • Cisco and whitefish – these are open to fishing all year round. There is no limit to the minimum length permissible, but the daily bag limit is 10 fish.
  • Lake sturgeon – this type is not permissible to fish currently.
  • Paddlefish – this is another variety that is not permissible to fish currently.
  • Rock, yellow and white bass – these can be caught all year round, and there are no limits as to minimum length or quantity.
  • Rough fish – can be caught all year round, with no limitations as to minimum length or quantity.
  • Round goby – this variety is open to catching all year, and there’s no bag limit.
  • Ruffe – can be caught all year, and there’s no daily bag limit.
  • Shovelnose sturgeon – this variety is not permissible to fish.
  • White perch – open to fishing all year, and the daily bag limit is 0.

Hotspots on the lake

One of the prime fishing locations on the lake is in the area near the confluence of the White River and War Eagle. 

In this area, the striper is commonly found. Beaver Lake is renowned for record-breaking striper, with some weighing in above 40 pounds. 

Other fishing hotspots on the lake include popular creeks like Ford’s Creek, Rambo Creek, and Cedar Creek.

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Beaver Lake Ozark Mountains in Arkansas

Guided fishing

Many fishing guides offer guided tours on the lake.

Guided fishing is a perfect way to enjoy a family-friendly fishing experience, which can be half-day or full-day fishing trips. 

The best time to fish for Striper on the lake is during early spring.

You may be lucky enough to catch a trophy Striper on your guided trip.


At any time of the year, there’s a fish ready to bite on Beaver lake.

The wide variety of fish plus all-year-round excitement makes Beaver lake a must-try fishing destination. 

Apart from the fishing, the clear and clean water makes the experience a truly relaxing time out for the whole family.