The Deeper PRO+ Castable and Portable Fish Finder: The Ultimate Review

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The Deeper PRO+ is the most updated Deeper fish finder to date. With incredibly GPS technology, connectivity, and 4 fishing modes it is said to be the best of the best — and a great value for money too.

But is all of that true?

We’re going to have an in-depth look at the Deeper PRO+ to determine whether it matches up to its huge claims.

Let’s get started!

Deeper PRO+ Castable and Portable Fish Finder

Deeper PRO+ Castable and Portable Fish Finder for Kayaks Boats on Shore Ice Fishing GPS Wireless Fishfinder Wi-Fi Smart Sonar Depth Finder in a Limited Edition Box
Key Features
  • Casts further and scans deeper than other fish finders
  • Syncs with Android and iOS devices
  • 100 m casting range
  • 4 fishing modes (boat, kayak, shore, ice fishing)
  • Built-in GPS
  • 3.5 oz weight
  • Install in seconds
  • No cables or batteries
  • Flasher display and zoom
  • Solid connectivity
  • Scans 260 ft down
  • 0.5-inch target separation
  • 15 scans per second
  • Dual beam

You might also want to consider checking out the Deeper Smart fish finder the entry-level model and the Deeper Chrip which is one of the best models available.

The Overview and Thoughts

Now you know a little about the features the Deeper PRO+ fish finder comes with, it’s time to dive into the meat and potatoes of our review.

In all our years of fishing, we don’t think we’ve come across a fish finder that has more features than this one. Not only does it have a further casting range than previous models (100 m) but it also scans far deeper too (260 ft). Honestly, we were skeptical about this at first but boy did it prove its worth as soon as we cast it out in the water.

Whether you like to ice fish, shore fish, boat fish, or kayak fish, you can take the Deeper PRO+ with you. It’s bound to be your new best friend — even if you don’t fancy fishing professionally (it’s certainly part of our team — we couldn’t live without it!).

Alongside all of this, it has built-in GPS and doesn’t require the internet to work. Plus, it connects seamlessly with your tablet or smartphone via the Deeper App so you don’t have to spend more money on a screen.

To tell you the truth, the inbuilt GPS is one of the best we’ve ever tested. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Deeper PRO+ Castable and Portable Fish Finder for Kayaks Boats on Shore Ice Fishing GPS Wireless Fishfinder Wi-Fi Smart Sonar Depth Finder in a Limited Edition Box

The Built-In GPS

The Deeper PRO+ has massively impressed us with its enhanced mapping capabilities. It easily plots depth (known in the industry as bathymetry) and bottom contour maps in live time. As long as you connect it properly to the app, your smartphone will ensure you’re privy to the underwater world while your finder bobs around.

Typically, only fish finders on high-end boats have abilities like this. But Deeper has really blown fishermen’s minds!

Since the maps are created in real time, it is easy for you to accurately map swims and whole bodies of water in a matter of moments. It came as a shock to us just how quickly it accurately covered the area.

As it creates the color-coded map, it will automatically save to your Lakebook (this is Deeper’s cloud server). By clicking on the “History” button, you can then look back over the maps anytime you like.

Our favorite mapping function though is that you can scan the same location on multiple days and the previous map of the location will be updated. Instead of having a bunch of separate maps, everything is consolidated into one easy-to-find place.

Let’s Talk Casting

Considering it’s a “castable” fisher finder, it should be pretty easy to get going, right? Well, yesHowever, it’s worth bearing in mind that the correct equipment is needed. Otherwise, you might find your new finder stuck 100 m out from the shore.

Ideally, you need to have a durable rod that is capable of carrying the weight. Plus, you should know exactly how to secure your finder onto the end of the line. Sadly, we have witnessed many people reel in only to find their expensive bit of kit left in the water.

Additionally, for those of you who like to use smartphone rod mounts when utilizing fish finders, don’t place it on until you’ve cast the Deeper PRO+ out. Why? Because it will throw your technique off and both your finder and your phone will be lost to the depths of the water.

Other than that though, you shouldn’t have any casting problems!

Deeper PRO+ Castable and Portable Fish Finder for Kayaks Boats on Shore Ice Fishing GPS Wireless Fishfinder Wi-Fi Smart Sonar Depth Finder in a Limited Edition Box

Deeper PRO+ and Shore Fishing

Even if you aren’t one for shore fishing usually, you should consider having a go with the Deeper PRO+. While it works wonderfully well on our boat, we prefer to use it to fish from the shore.

Usually, fishing from the shore can be rather frustrating since there are so many cool spots and soil depressions for the fish to hide in. But that all changes with the Deeper.

We already mentioned that the GPS functionality works amazingly well, but it really comes into its own here.

Whether you are unknowingly surrounded by small hills, holes, or bumps, the Deeper PRO+ will put you in the know.

The only thing we would say is that if you’re fishing on a particularly windy day, be mindful of trees behind you and your knot-tying skills. The Deeper is incredibly lightweight and will easily become entangled around branches causing you a world of havoc. Alternatively, your knot might not be strong enough to hold it and your new best friend is lost forever.

  • Graphs are easy to read
  • Comes with helpful accessories
  • Additional accessories can be purchased
  • The app is free
  • No internet needed
  • Can be used for shore and boat fishing
  • Creates contour maps with ease
  • Wonderfully versatile
  • Great value for money
  • The app works seamlessly
  • Noticed a few connectivity issues when the device wasn’t fully charged
  • Need to be experienced when casting it and have the correct additional equipment
  • Struggles to scan in very shallow water (3 feet)


Before we tell you our final thoughts on this handy little device, we’ll answer some burning questions. They’ll help you choose the right fish finder for you — even if it’s not the Deeper PRO+.

Q. What Features Should You Look Out For When Buying a Fish Finder?

While we love the Deeper PRO+ fish finder, it’s not the only model available so you might want to do some more shopping around (totally understandable!).

However, it’s important that you go into it ready to make an important decision. So, let’s have a gander at the factors you should consider before purchasing one.

#1 Price

Know your budget first, and figure out which fish finder you want later. Otherwise, you risk drastically overspending and flinging money at something that might not have a good feature to cost ratio.

Having said that, you do (usually) get what you pay for. It might mean that you need to save up for it.


This is the sonar technology used in fish finders. The better it is, the easier it will be for you to identify fish.

#3 Display

On bright sunny days, you need to have excellent contrast. Why? Because otherwise, you won’t be able to see a thing (rendering the finder useless). The size of your screen and its resolution are responsible for this.

#4 GPS Function

Marking the best fishing hot spots is key. But it can only be achieved with a high-quality GPS finder. You will have to invest a bit more in this case but ultimately, it’s worth it to see those underwater hills and strata.

#5 Portable or Fixed

This comes down to personal fishing preferences. Fixed finders are attached to your boat and portable models can be taken with you. In our opinion, the latter is better since you aren’t restricted to a single boat or fishing style.

#6 Cone Angle

A cone angle with a large opening ensures your finder will be able to see potential obstacles and scan further underwater. However, if you’re just looking to see soil depressions, a narrow cone angle will be just fine!

Q. What Screen Size Should You Choose?

Fish finder screen sizes range from incredibly large to just a few inches. You should go with whichever one you feel most comfortable handling. For example, if you’re familiar with smaller screen sizes (smartphones, etc.) you’ll find it tough working with a massive fish finder screen.

Additionally, if you are only going to be doing recreational fishing, there is no point in having a huge screen.

Of course, price plays a role too!

Top tip: You can use your smartphone with the Deeper PRO+ so you don’t have to shell out any more of your hard-earned money!

Final Thoughts

Okay, what do we think? Should you purchase the Deeper PRO+ for your fish finding needs?

In a word, yes! It has revolutionized the way we fish from the short. Not only have we found amazing hot spots but we can also easily see the depressions and patches where they are unlikely to swim. All of this (and more) is down to the one and only Deeper PRO+.

We wouldn’t be without it!