Raymarine AXIOM 7 Review – Latest 2021 review

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Fishing is one of the world’s most ancient activities that remain with us today. All ancient civilizations developed on riverbanks. Since necessity is the mother of invention, fishing rods were invented by early men to catch fish for food. What began as a small-scale activity for sustenance soon turned into a large-scale industry, widening its scope and offering employment to millions.

Yes, fishing and its allied marine/ river-based activities make up a huge portion of a country’s GDP. And how could all this have happened without the invention of the simple, unassuming fish rod?

Raymarine AXIOM 7 Review

Fishing is also a popular pastime, especially amongst people who live near rivers. One can fish alone and also with one’s friends. The basic requirement for fishing is a fishing rod with a Chartplotter, and Raymarine AXIOM 7 is one of the best products available on the market. Irrespective of whether one is an amateur or a veteran angler, the Raymarine AXIOM 7 is a must-have for all. 

Are you unsure? Check out our review and get set to own one of the best fishing Chartplotter available for sale! 

Being budget-friendly and equipped with cutting-edge technology, the Raymarine AXIOM 7 is very easy to handle and also has an amazing display. Join us as we explore its features. 

Raymarine Axiom 7
  • Display: 7” optically bonded LCD, 800×480
  • Dimensions: 210 x 142 x 77mm (7.92″ x 5.24″ x 3.00″), 1.52 kg
  • Sonar: DV variant = 9 pin DownVision™ type connector
    RV variant = 25pin RealVision™ type connector
  • Memory: 4GB internal, external SD card slots available
  • Mapping: Navionics, Lighthouse and GPS compatible
  • Operating temperature: -25 to +55 degrees Celsius

Key features of the Raymarine AXIOM 7 that one can’t miss

The Raymarine AXIOM 7 is one of the best, technologically equipped fishing Chartplotter that have ever been invented. It has won numerous awards for its design and versatility, notably the MIBS Innovation award in 2017. Here are some important features of this Chartplotter  that makes it stand apart from the rest:


With a 7 inch, 800×400 WVGA, and 1200 nits brightness, it ranks high on display. As the screen is wider than in most models, it becomes easy for the user to view the water underneath and cast his Chartplotter accordingly.

It has a high resolution, which leads to enhanced sharpness, hence the user can get a clear picture of the water body in which he is fishing, ascertain the movements of the fish and catch them accordingly. 

Raymarine AXIOM 7 Display

The screen can also be viewed in the dark because of its vibrant backlit display. It also has accurate side imaging features, which help us distinguish one fish from the others based on their color and also offers a clear contrast between the fish and water. We can also pin the apps that we use the most on our screen, thereby paving the way for easy access. 


With a versatile and compact design, the Raymarine AXIOM 7 is such a joy to use, for both novice and experienced anglers. The dimensions are average, it weighs less and the rod is easy to wield.

It has a high waterproof rating and a decent 4 GB memory, which can be supplemented by external SD cards placed in the appropriate slots on the machine. It draws 12V DC from its battery. It has a built-in GNSS receiver and SONAR. 

Raymarine AXIOM 7 design

In the case of GPS navigation, one must use an external accessory. External SONARS can also be added, to improve real-time user experience. The design is also expandable, supporting important accessories like CHIRP SONAR, FLIR thermal cameras, audio integration, instruments, and cameras. It also has an efficient embedded weather sensor and supports digital switching through Empiribus.


With significant built-in features and a plethora of accessories that can be added, the design of Raymarine AXIOM 7 does not complicate and reduce its performance. Its efficient imaging cameras can capture and give crystal clear images of fish and even underwater plants throughout the depth of the water body, from the floor to the surface on land. 

Raymarine AXIOM 7 Performance

With GRIB vie taking care of weather sensing, it can be used under all weather because of its flexible, waterproof design. It can be operated over a wide range of temperatures and can function very well between -25 to +55 degrees Celsius, making it ideal for summer, winter, spring, autumn, and monsoon use.

It is also equipped with Autopilot so that even people who have never fished in their lives and don’t have an opportunity to learn fishing can use this.  


Raymarine AXIOM 7 is compatible with Lighthouse 3, which is the most versatile and premium marine electronics software (developed by Raymarine). Lighthouse 3, working in tandem with a quad-core processor, lets us add and efficiently use accessories like Bluetooth for audio integration and add-ons for remote control operations.


Like most Raymarine products, the Raymarine AXIOM 7 also has a versatile and robust networking system, featuring a huge variety of networking options, including Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

It has an in-built NMEA port but a suitable, machine-specific adapter is required to connect to the NMEA 2000. It can also be connected to Ethernet through the built-in Ethernet port, without requiring any external connecting device. 

It requires a 400mm DeviceNet female adapter cable, to connect with Sea Talk. It requires a 0.5A charging external storage device or accessory, to connect with the built-in USB port. It also has a microSD card slot that can be used for networking and connecting with multiple other devices and accessories.


It is equipped with Navionics Nav+ charts, which are suitable for navigation only in the US and Canada. But it is also compatible for use in central and Latin American countries, owing to the Lighthouse 3 software update, vector charts, and C-MAP, which can also accommodate future Lighthouse 3 updates.

When it comes to GPS, AXIOM 7 has a precise and accurate 10Hz GLONASS/GPS module. It has enhanced satellite acquisition and improved sensing mechanisms. If one is fishing on a boat or any marine vessel, the navigation system also immediately and dynamically tracks the speed of the vessel and continuously updates the user about it.

Owing to its memory, it can also store 10000 waypoints (points on the path that we followed) and can display 50 unique routes for the user to choose from.

SONAR system and Transducers: 

It has one of the best SONAR navigation and sensing systems. It has 9 points DownVision connector and 25 point RealVision connector and requires a compatible transducer, adapter, and Y-cables for connection and function. Raynet can also be connected as an external Sonar, to enhance sensing and precision. Apart from Sonar, even Radars can be used. 

Raymarine AXIOM 7 Sonar

The type of radars compatible with Raymarine AXIOM 7 is Quantum, HD color, Super HD color, and digital radars. CHIRP technology is used for high-quality 3D sensing while it is not required for 2D, where 50-200 kHz is sufficient. RV-100 is the in-built transducer, which also allows the addition of external sonar without changing its design or configuration.

The transducer consists of an embedded temperature sensor with a long cable that accounts for gyrational stability during the movement of the vessel. 

The best feature of Raymarine AXIOM 7

Despite having a state-of-the-art display, navigation, and ease of use, the Lighthouse 3 software is its most unique and defining feature, making Raymarine Axiom 7 a class apart from other technically-enhanced fishing rods.

With continuous, progressive updates, it remains one of the best Navionics software ever designed and developed. It controls the rod’s quad-core processor and helps in seamless networking and addition of accessories, enhancing the utility, versatility, viability, and inherent design and quality of the product.

It offers equal opportunities and experience to both people who take up fishing as a hobby and people who have chosen fishing as their profession, thereby demonstrating and setting up effective scale-up and scale-down for the product.  

  • Easy to access UI
  • CHIRP and transducer technology
  • Equipped with RealVision, Down and SideVision
  • Can be run on Autopilot mode
  • Premium display, with multi-touch features
  • Multiple networking options
  • Highly accurate 72 channel, 10Hz GPS
  • A remote control can be used only on Lighthouse 3
  • Most additional features are compatible only with Lighthouse 3 and not Lighthouse 2
  • Keypad not available

Who should be using this?

As this product comes with autopilot and a robust GPS, people who have little to no knowledge of fishing or fishing in that particular locality can use it. As it is also equipped with remote control, one can keep track of the vessel, the fish hauled and one can also manipulate the vessel even when one is not close to the fishing locality. 

One can even stand on the shore and let the rod, connected to the boat do its job! This works best for novices, who have never fished in their lives, people who are terrified of going into the water, and also in case of dangerous water bodies, where there is a huge risk of encountering crocodiles or sudden, strong currents as personnel loss risks can be minimized.

Our ratings- how much did this fish finder average?

After a rigorous and meticulous analysis of various factors, we have come up with ratings for the most important parameters one must consider before buying a fishing rod. 

Raymarine AXIOM 7

Display:  4.4/5

With a smart and savvy display, the Raymarine AXIOM 7 has one of the best display systems that can ever be seen on a fish finder. With a widescreen, preferable resolution, adequate sharpness, and brightness, it is also equipped with multi-touch, hence a keypad is extraneous (ie) not required.

It also has RealVision and DownVision, which gives clearer images of the fish underwater. However, the display can withstand only splashes or water or short spells of rain, at most. Hence it is not suitable for very rainy regions and must be given an extra protective covering before usage. 

Performance: 4.0/5

Its performance mainly depends on Lighthouse 3 software in whose absence, many of its unique features go unutilized. However, it has the highest quality one can expect from fish finders of its price and design. Enhanced by GPS and cutting-edge imaging systems, cabling which increases the stability of the vessel, its performance owes a lot to good design and lives up to our expectations.

SONAR: 4.2/5

The Raymarine AXIOM 7 has a robust and highly functional sonar system. It is also equipped with CHIRP, which helps in 3D sensing in high importance, high sensitivity applications. An external sonar can also be added for enhanced sensing and the system can be coupled with radars as well, making its sensing systems versatile and effective. With GRIB weather sensors, it paves way for usage across all seasons.

Price: 4.1/5

If regarded as an isolated product, the Raymarine fish finder may seem expensive. But when compared to other GPS based fish finders, it offers great value for money. It offers premium technology- be it in terms of imaging, navigation, or display and is well worth the money one pays. If you want a fun and rewarding fishing experience, you must go for it.  

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This is calculated based on the above parameters and also other factors that play a major role in deciding the quality of a Navionics product. it is manufactured by Raymarine, a trusted marine electronics company, and has great consumer ratings as well.

It is also accompanied by an informative documentation pack, trunnion brackets, trunnion knobs, panel mount gaskets, and NMEA/power cable and a trunnion adaptor, which makes fishing easy, stress-free and enjoyable for the user. 

Other models, you might want to consider

1. Humminbird Helix 5

It’s a budget-friendly fishing rod. It has a 5 inch, 800×480 pixel, 16-bit color TFT display, whose brightness can be adjusted. It is also equipped with a backlit LED display, which makes it usable under any lighting conditions. It is equipped with both side imaging and down imaging.

The previous version of this product had the only 2Dsonar, but the Humminbird Helix 3 is equipped with CHIRP, which is used for 3d sensing. It is compatible with Navionics, Hotmaps, and Lakemaster navigation features. It has SD card slots for additional memory and it has an inbuilt mapping memory card for GPS.  

2. Lowrance HDS 7 

Lowrance HDS 7 Gen 3

It has a 7-inch display with options for customizable split screens. It is a premium precision fishfinder and is equipped with CHIRP sonar. It can be controlled by using both multi-touch and keypad. It is compatible with various networking options and works best with Wi-fi. It has a built-in 10 Hz GPS but it works only inside the US, nowhere else.

It does not have a radar-assisted device for weather measurement; hence one must make use of other accessories for weather sensing. Further, it has a lot of advanced technical features, hence it is best suited only for experienced anglers and not for beginners.

3. Garmin striker 4

Garmin Striker 4

Unlike Raymarine AXIOM 7, this only has a 3.5-inch screen but offers high-resolution imaging. It is budget-friendly and is most suitable for fishing in small water bodies. It has the dual-frequency capability (ie) it can offer both 77/200 kHz and 50/200 kHz. It has an accurate built-in GPS that can save 5000 waypoints in total.

It has CHIRP for 3D sonar sensing and also has inbuilt equipment for standard 2d sensing. however, latitude and longitude are not displayed and the device is not compatible with NMEA networking. It is ideal for fishing at depths not more than 1500 feet, owing to its design.


Fishing, both as a profession and hobby, has been in existence since many millennia ago. With evolving times and fast-growing technologies, expanded industrialization, and burgeoning consumer demand, even fishing rods have adopted a technically-enhanced avatar. They have created a revolution in the field of marine electronics and the Raymarine AXIOM 7 is no exception.

With an amazing display, improvised 2D and 3D imaging features, avant-garde software, and utilitarian design, the Raymarine AXIOM 7 is a bargain. It is equipped with  CHIRP for efficient 3D sensing and imaging and can also be coupled with radar. External sonar accessories can also be attached.

The design has multiple ports so that other accessories can be added for efficient fishing. It has 4 GB memory, which can easily be expanded by inserting SD cards in the external SD card slots present on the machine. 

It is waterproof but is not suitable for situations where the screen needs to be submerged underwater for a long time, which is one of the design aspects that can be improved. Lighthouse 3 software, which gets continuous updates, is its USP. It powers the device’s quad-core processor and facilitates the addition and efficient functioning of various add-ons. It has a robust GPS.

The product is also accompanied by thumb nuts and NMEA/power, amongst much other essential hardware, so the user need not search for and buy necessary hardware from outside. It can also be operated on autopilot mode, so it does not need a physical ‘user’ to operate it, thereby paving way for automated fishing, a unique feature that can never be easily found elsewhere.

It is versatile, easy to use, and budget-friendly, with good value for money, hence it suits both experts and amateurs, small-scale and large-scale applications. Offering high-end features at a competitive price, it is a must-have product for all anglers.